"There are few groups who hate us more, and I believe we stand little chance of ever befriending the Bitthævrians. Our best option would be to just steer clear of the area altogether."
Lieutenant Ayla Shar's intelligence report about the m'Yalfor'ac Order.[src]

Ayla Shar was a miner and a Rebel Alliance Intelligence lieutenant.

A Human from Korbin, she began working as a miner, and later became a resource coordinator for Vulca Minerals. During her time in this position, she worked on Guiteica. As Vulca became more aggressive about Yttrium mining with the native m'Yalfor'ac Order, Shar began to have an intimate knowledge of Guiteica Bitthævrian natives and the Order. Eventually, Vulca Minerals was forced to leave Guiteica, and replaced by the Bitthævrian-controlled Kadok Resources.

Later, Shar joined the Rebel Alliance and became a lieutenant. Her knowledge of industrial saboteur groups became very useful, and she helped in the hijacking of Imperial ore haulers. She was a resource officer in different Rebel bases in areas with a high Imperial control.

On 2 ABY, Shar wrote a report on the m'Yalfor'ac Order and its leader, Colonel Quaal Tavier Catharius, for the Task Force on Alliance Security. She specified that the Order hated the Rebel Alliance and that negotiations were not an option.

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