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"In your mind, your duty may be clear, but you are Jedi in your heart and you will always yearn for the Jedi way."
―Rasi Tuum to Azlyn Rae[4]

Azlyn Rae was a Human female who, throughout her life, was trained in the ways of the Force by both the Jedi Order and the Imperial Knights. During her childhood, she was apprenticed to the Jedi Master Rasi Tuum while training to be a Jedi on Ossus. She grew close to her classmate Cade Skywalker while at the Jedi Academy, but their relationship and her training were halted when Lord Darth Krayt's Sith Order massacred the Jedi and Krayt seized control of the galaxy. Rae survived the Jedi Purge and believed both Tuum and Skywalker to be dead, prompting her to put her past behind her and become a bounty hunter. When she was discovered by the Imperial Knights, she accepted their offer to join their ranks and complete her training. Rae swore oaths of loyalty to Emperor Roan Fel and began serving his Empire-in-exile.

Seven years after the scattering of the Jedi, Rae learned of Skywalker's survival when she was sent on an undercover mission by Fel to bring him to the Imperial fortress world of Bastion. After revealing herself to her old friend on Iego, Rae earned his trust and was brought by him to a Hidden Temple where the Jedi Order had been slowly rebuilding itself. There, she was reunited with Rasi Tuum and was ordered by her fellow Imperial Knight Marasiah Fel to accompany Skywalker on a mission to assassinate Darth Krayt. The mission led Skywalker's strike team to Had Abbadon, where they lured Krayt into a trap and managed to mortally wound him after Rae stabbed him through the chest. She herself was brought to the brink of death by Krayt's Force lightning, and Skywalker rushed her to Kiffex to be healed by his uncle Rawk. Rae accepted her impending death and resisted all efforts to heal her, but was nevertheless placed into a suit of life-preserving armor by Rawk and his wife Droo. She reacted angrily to her predicament, lashing out at Skywalker and accusing him of selfishly keeping her alive.

After returning to Bastion, Rae was given less constricting armor by Hogrum Chalk, the Imperial Knights' master armorer, and soon after accompanied her Emperor to Agamar to conduct peace talks with the Jedi. The meeting was interrupted by Sith forces, and Rae, Tuum, and Marasiah were left behind when the Imperial Knights and Jedi evacuated the planet. Marasiah was taken by the Sith, and when Rae and Tuum's efforts to rescue her failed, they returned to Bastion to relay their news to the Emperor. Marasiah was later rescued by Master Antares Draco and stood with Rae and several other Imperial Knights as they helped the Jedi defend the Hidden Temple from attacking forces of Krayt's Empire. After the Jedi were evacuated, the allied forces of the Empire-in-exile, the Galactic Alliance, and the Jedi Order struck at Krayt's throneworld of Coruscant, and Rae joined a strike team that brought down the world's orbital defenses in advance of the attack. The war was won for the allies when Krayt was slain by Skywalker, and Rae afterward attended the funeral of Emperor Fel, who had fallen to the dark side during the battle and had been killed by Draco.


Shifting loyalties[]

"After the Sith attacked… massacred!… so many Jedi on Coruscant and Ossus… a lot of us apprentices just scattered—made our way the best we could. Like you! A pirate rescued you! That's what you became! An Imperial Knight rescued me. They finished my training—I owe them…"
―Azlyn Rae to Cade Skywalker[5]

Cade Skywalker steals a kiss from Azlyn Rae during their Jedi training on Ossus.

The Human female Azlyn Rae grew up at the Jedi Academy on Ossus,[1][6] where she trained to be a Jedi as an apprentice to Master Rasi Tuum.[4] While training, she spent much of her time with her fellow apprentice Cade Skywalker,[6] and the two sometimes embarked on adventures through Ossus's jungles together.[5] They once put live gullipuds in the boots of Wolf Sazen, Skywalker's Master, and were forced to clean nerf stables for a week as punishment. Throughout their pranks and evenings spent meditating together, Rae and Skywalker grew close and developed feelings for one another, kissing on at least one occasion.[7] Their romance and Rae's training were cut short in 130 ABY with the conclusion of the Sith–Imperial War, however.[1][6] The Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance were defeated by the Galactic Empire and the One Sith after three years of war,[8] and Rae and Tuum were at the Jedi Temple on the galactic capital of Coruscant when a group of Sith serving Lord Darth Krayt attacked.[1][6][8] Tuum told Rae to run, and she did, losing her master amidst the smoke and chaos and managing to flee the planet. She believed the worst and assumed Tuum to be dead.[6] Coruscant fell to the One Sith, who attacked Ossus two days later and completed their fracturing of the Jedi Order.[8] Many Jedi were scattered,[5] and Rae believed Skywalker to be dead as well.[1]

Darth Krayt installed himself as Emperor of the galaxy and began hunting surviving Jedi.[8][9] Rae attempted to forget her past, putting memories of Skywalker behind her,[7] and began to wander the galaxy in disguise doing odd jobs and trying to make ends meet. She showed some prowess as a bounty hunter and took it up as a profession.[1][10] Rae eventually encountered an Imperial Knight,[5] who recognized her Force-sensitivity and offered to complete her training in the ways of the Force.[10] She accepted and swore oaths of loyalty to Roan Fel, Emperor of the Empire-in-exile, who had been betrayed by Darth Krayt at the end of the war and had gone into hiding. Rae promised to serve the Force through dedication to Fel and his throne.[4][10] Her training began, and her understanding of the Force expanded. She constructed her own lightsaber,[10] different from the standardized model of the order and with an orange rather than a silver blade.[1] After completing her training and becoming a full-fledged Imperial Knight, Rae earned the rank of "Master,"[4] a title reserved for the order's highest-ranking members. Her diverse training prompted the Emperor to often assign her on missions as a scout and undercover agent.[10]

Tense reunions[]

"I'm sensing some ambivalence in you, Azlyn. Finding the Hidden Temple, seeing your Jedi friends again must stir old feelings."
"Some, Master Fel. Your highness. I find it… strange."
―Marasiah Fel and Azlyn Rae discuss Rae's loyalties[4]

In 137 ABY, Rae learned that Skywalker had survived the Massacre at Ossus.[1] He had been working as a bounty hunter himself for seven years,[9] but had recently become involved in major galactic affairs. He was a brief guest of Emperor Fel's on the Imperial fortress world of Bastion after rescuing Fel's daughter Marasiah from the clutches of the Sith,[11] and was later a captive of Darth Krayt on Coruscant before escaping.[12] When Fel was made aware of the latter development, he feared that Skywalker had divulged Imperial secrets to the Sith[13] and sent Rae out into the galaxy to locate him and convince him to return to Bastion.[6]


Rae and Skywalker are reunited on Iego.

Rae donned a bounty hunter disguise and tracked Skywalker to the Golden Gorg Cantina on the planet Socorro, where she observed he and his friends bully Rav, the cantina's owner, into turning the starship Grinning Liar over to the smugglers Chak and Kee. Before Skywalker departed the planet in his own starship, the Mynock, Rae placed a homing beacon on its hull. She then followed the beacon to Iego, cloaking her ship and staying a safe distance away from the Mynock. On Iego, Skywalker helped his uncle Rawk dispatch some members of the Black Sun criminal organization that were causing trouble for Rawk's family, and Rae landed her ship away from Rawk's home to observe the skirmish. When the criminals had been defeated, Rae reported her coordinates and status[13] to Marasiah Fel, who was following close behind in a starship.[1]

While Skywalker and the Mynock's crew visited with Rawk and his family,[1] Rae awaited further instructions from Marasiah.[13] After four days, she sneaked up on Skywalker at the site of the landed Mynock and physically attacked her former friend. Skywalker was high on the euphoria of death sticks and could not adequately defend himself, but his uncle swiftly arrived and was able to put up a fight. Rae and Rawk battled telekinetically with the Force before Rae drew her lightsaber on the older man. He responded by brushing her arm out of the way and elbowing her in the face, knocking her out of the fight. Skywalker recovered and approached the two, prompting Rae to remove her mask and reveal her face. Surprised to see her, Skywalker invited her into Rawk's home to drink some caf. Therein, she sat down with Skywalker, Rawk, Rawk's wife Droo, Skywalker's co-pilot Jariah Syn, and his mechanic, Deliah Blue. Rae told them of her past since the Sith's attack on Coruscant but left out any mention of the Imperial Knights, claiming to still be a bounty hunter and to have pursued Skywalker in the interest of collecting the bounty on his head. She also claimed to no longer be interested in collecting it, having realized that Skywalker was the same friend she remembered from her childhood. At that moment, Rawk's long-range sensors detected the arrival of a Star Destroyer in the system, belonging to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. The crew of the Mynock hid while Rae and the Rawks received Captain Gurlok, the Imperial officer who landed on the ground to confront them.[1]

Outside of Rawk's home, the Captain and his stormtroopers physically assaulted Rae and Rawk, demanding to know who had recently lent the Rawk family assistance in their battle with members of Black Sun. He did not believe Rae's claim that it had been her and threatened to harm Rawk's children until he got the answers he wanted. A bloodied Rae was able to use a mind trick to persuade him to leave, and the Imperials departed Iego. Skywalker began preparations to leave himself, hoping to somehow kill Darth Krayt, which he believed would allow him to lose himself in the criminal underworld. Rawk suggested that he might find allies at a Hidden Jedi Temple and boarded the Mynock in order to lead its crew there. Rae was permitted to join them, and as she moved her ship into the Mynock's cargo hold, she sent an update to Marasiah, who waited in her own ship with fellow Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg.[1]


Rae discusses her conflicted loyalties with Marasiah Fel.

The Mynock traveled to the Hidden Temple on Taivas, and after it arrived in-system, Rae dropped a homing beacon out of its garbage disposal. Her fellow Imperial Knights followed the Mynock to the temple in their cloaked ship and landed immediately behind Skywalker's vessel on a landing platform. As a greeting party arrived to welcome the Mynock's crew, the Jedi Knight Shado Vao saw Marasiah and her companions depart their ship and drew his lightsaber. He and Skywalker engaged Draco and Krieg in a duel, and after a furious Skywalker Force-pushed the two Knights away, he realized that Rae had betrayed him and began shouting at her. Marasiah asserted that the Imperial Knights were on a diplomatic mission and placed Rae within its safe conduct, and as tensions began to die down, the Imperial delegation was brought to see the Jedi Council. Rae waited outside the Council Chamber under the supervision of Master Mai as Marasiah proposed to the council an alliance between the Jedi and her father's Empire, directed against Darth Krayt's forces.[6]

While Rae waited, she brought a cup of caffa to Jariah Syn and apologized for betraying the Mynock's crew. Their subsequent conversation was interrupted by Rasi Tuum, who approached his former apprentice and hugged her. The two were both relieved to see the other alive. Tuum openly questioned Rae's loyalties,[6] sensing that while her Imperial duty was clear to her mind, her heart yearned for the Jedi way. She left to consider his words and sought out Marasiah in the quarters that had been assigned to them. Marasiah, too, could sense Rae's conflict, and reminded her that the oaths she had sworn were lifelong. She also stressed that the only Imperial Knight to have ever left the order had died soon after. While Rae struggled with her dilemma, the Jedi Council refused Skywalker's request for help in his mission to assassinate Darth Krayt. He was determined to proceed without their assistance, however, and Marasiah assigned Rae, Draco, and Krieg to accompany him while she remained behind to continue negotiating with the Jedi. Skywalker's astromech droid R2-D2 opened the Mynock's cargo bay doors so that Draco and Krieg could load their TIE predators, and Skywalker grudgingly accepted the Imperial Knights' offer of assistance. Shado Vao joined the strike team as the Jedi's sole representative,[4] and the Mynock made its way to the Deep Core.[5]

Ambush in the Core[]

"Cade, I see a way in! Can you hold off the Raks by yourself?"
"Do it! Quick! I'm sick and tired of these stoopa Raks!"
―Rae and Cade Skywalker during battle with Darth Krayt, immediately before Rae's critical strike on the Sith Lord[14]

Skywalker formulated a plan to lure Krayt to the Deep Core world of Had Abbadon. En route, Rae sat outside of his quarters while he meditated. She tried to apologize for using him to sneak her fellow Imperial Knights into the Hidden Temple and appealed to their childhood memories while seeking forgiveness. As she spoke to his door, the ship was drawn out of hyperspace by the interdiction field of the Star Destroyer Iron Sun, which Old Republic Jedi Celeste Morne had commandeered ten years before and kept dormant in the Deep Core. Skywalker emerged from the captain's quarters and accused Rae of interdicting them, and the two argued on their way to the bridge. No TIE predators or other ships came out of the Destroyer to meet them, and when the Mynock was locked in a tractor beam, Skywalker and Vao sensed the presence of a Force-user aboard the warship. The strike team set out to explore the derelict vessel, and Rae's party, including herself, Skywalker, Syn and Vao, found nothing but bones in the hangar bay. Draco and Krieg commed Rae from adjacent corridors and reported similar discoveries, and as Rae's party mulled over their findings, a group of Rakghoul beasts emerged from a doorway and attacked them. Rae was scratched and Skywalker was bitten before Celeste Morne arrived and ordered the beasts to stop. She was able to control them with the power of the Muur Talisman, an ancient Sith artifact that housed the spirit of the Sith Lord Karness Muur.[5]


Rae is infected with the Rakghoul plague.

When she saw that Rae and Skywalker had been infected by the Rakghoul plague, Morne Force-pushed them into a holding cell and shut a door to lock them away from Syn and Vao, hoping to keep Rae and Skywalker quarantined until the plague caused them to mutate into Rakghouls. She told them that the plague had no cure and promised to quickly kill them after they transformed. While they waited for the metamorphosis to occur, Morne told them of her past and how she had come to wear the Muur Talisman in order to keep Karness Muur's spirit contained. Rae and Skywalker began bleeding, and Skywalker, desperate, asked Morne if the Rakghoul plague was a disease. When she replied in the affirmative, Skywalker grabbed Rae and called on his healing powers to rid both of them of their ailment. Their minds flashed back to their youth together as energy surrounded them, and their disease vanished. Morne was impressed by Skywalker's use and control of the Force and she offered to join their strike team.[5] With a new passenger, the Mynock completed its journey to Had Abbadon, a planet that was under the control of Krayt's Empire.[7]

At Had Abbadon's Imperial base, Draco, Krieg, and Vao fired on TIE pilots from their starfighters as Rae, Skywalker, and Morne stormed the compound. Morne used the Talisman to turn the defending stormtroopers into Rakghouls, who attacked Darth Reave, the base's commanding Sith. After being scratched, Reave fled, and a telekinetic push from Morne prevented Rae and Skywalker from pursuing him. She had decided to allow Reave to report to Krayt, hoping that the bait of the Muur Talisman would lure the Sith Lord into their trap. As the strike team prepared themselves for Krayt's arrival, Rae was approached by Krieg, and the two discussed romantic feelings that he had for her. The tender moment was interrupted by Draco, who had received new orders from their Emperor via the HoloNet: obtain the Muur Talisman. Rae thought that the Sith device was evil and stormed off, disgusted by the new orders.[7]

Rather than let the Talisman corrupt her Emperor, she decided to destroy it by killing Morne, and approached Morne's quarters with a blaster in hand. Skywalker met her outside of the door, however, and began teasing her when he caught wind of her intentions. A brawl erupted, and the two swung at each other with both fists and lightsabers. Rae re-asserted her position that Morne and the Talisman needed to be destroyed, but Skywalker calmed her down by catching hold of her and mentioning their romantic youth. Feelings came flooding back to both of them, and they kissed before retiring to the quarters of the base's former commander for more private intimacy. As they cuddled on a couch and reminisced, Karness Muur began telepathically speaking to them, and Skywalker left to confront Morne.[7]


Rae stabs Krayt through the chest on Had Abbadon.

Morne used Skywalker as additional bait and contacted Krayt, inviting the Sith Lord to Had Abbadon so that both Skywalker and the Talisman could heal him of a malady he had that was slowly killing him. Krayt arrived along with four of his most trusted Sith Lords: Darths Stryfe, Wyyrlok, Talon, and Maladi. All of the Sith Lords save Wyyrlok confronted Morne and Skywalker, before Rae, Krieg, Draco, and Vao emerged from hiding, having managed to conceal themselves in the Force. The six members of the strike team attacked the Sith, aided somewhat by Morne's unpredictable army of Rakghouls, who ended up cutting the Imperial Knights off from the battle. Adamant that Krayt needed to die, Rae tried to stop Draco from pursuing the Talisman, but was angrily Force-pushed away. Krieg then physically restrained Draco and bid him to go after the Talisman while he and Rae dealt with Krayt.[15] Rae and Krieg stood back-to-back as they made their way through the Rakghouls toward Krayt, who was dueling Morne.[14]

As Morne distracted the Sith Lord, Rae saw an opportunity to attack, and tasked Skywalker with holding off the Rakghouls while she leaped at Krayt. Krayt was hurling Force lightning at his foe when Rae came from behind, stabbing him through the chest. Morne hurled the weakened Krayt's lightning back at him, and both Rae and Krayt were electrocuted. Morne then Force-pushed the Dark Lord off of a cliff while Rae collapsed to the ground, badly burnt and on the brink of death. With the Sith force defeated, Skywalker freed Morne from Muur's influence by killing her and vanquished Muur's spirit by destroying the Talisman. Syn and Vao then noticed that Rae was still alive, and Skywalker attempted to heal her with the Force. Upon discovering that her body was too damaged, he continued to pour Force energy into her as the strike team boarded the Mynock to go find a medical facility. Skywalker refused Krieg and Draco passage, however, as he knew that Draco had attempted to seize the Talisman for the Emperor.[14] The Mynock made a desperate flight to the planet Kiffex, where Rawk and his family had been hiding since their brush with Krayt's Imperials.[16]

Another chance at life[]

"Azlyn… Damn…"
"Yes, Cade—Damn you! I accepted the will of the Force. I accepted my death! Why couldn't you?"
―Skywalker and Rae, discussing Rae's life-preserving armor[2]

As Syn brought the ship planetside, Skywalker kept up his attempts at healing, despite Rae's pleas to be allowed to die and be taken by the Force. While he poured Force energy into her, the Mynock crash-landed in the middle of a storm. Skywalker rushed onto the ground, handing Rae to Rawk and Droo and demanding that they heal her. He hurriedly told Droo, who was a Kiffar healer, that Rae wanted to live, and Droo brought Rae to the workroom of the family's compound. Droo placed Rae in a bacta tank, but Rae resisted any further attempts to heal her. Droo was ready to let her die, but Rawk insisted on honoring their promise to Skywalker to keep her alive. The two thus reluctantly placed Rae in a full-body suit of life-preserving armor[16] that pumped bacta around her and breathed for her, buying her time until a better solution could be found.[2]


Devastated with her life-preserving armor, Rae attacks Skywalker on Kiffex.

Rae was furious that Skywalker had lied to Droo and attacked him when he returned to the Rawk compound from a night at the nearby Ven Karya Spaceport. She accused him of selfishly keeping her alive when she had wanted to die and tossed him around the room as she explained how trapped she felt inside the armor. Deliah Blue pulled a blaster on her as she choked Skywalker, and Rae, devastated, walked away, wanting nothing more than to leave the planet. She made her way to the Palace of the planet's Sheyf and stayed as a guest of Sheyf Zharia Vos. She was found there two days later by Ganner Krieg, who had been sent by the Emperor to retrieve her. Krieg brought her back to Bastion.[2]

In the care of the Imperial Knights, Rae was fitted with new armor by Hogrum Chalk, the master armorer of the order. The improved design resembled crimson Imperial Knight armor and negated the need for a helmet, as Chalk installed an artificial breathing system in the suit's neck. Some time after her return from Kiffex, Rae tested out her new armor's capabilities in a sparring match with Krieg. Master Treis Sinde directed them as several other Imperial Knights watched, including Chalk and the Emperor. Rae called on Krieg to give the duel his all so that she could discover what her armor was made of.[3]

Trap on Agamar[]

"To locate the Princess will be almost impossible, Azlyn—let alone rescue her! Better to get to Bastion, tell your Emperor about the Princess so that he knows."
"My duty demands that I try, Master."
"Determined as ever, my former apprentice. Very well, Master Rae. We will try."
―Rae and Rasi Tuum on Agamar[17]

With her new armor tested and ready, Rae joined a contingent of Imperial Knights that accompanied the Emperor to Agamar in order to conduct peace talks with the Jedi Order. Fel and the Jedi had already made pacts with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, and an agreement between the Empire-in-exile and the Jedi Order would solidify a greater union. The Imperial Knights camped for the night on Agamar's grassy plains and awoke the next morning to meet with representatives from the Jedi, led by Master K'Kruhk and including Rasi Tuum. Everyone present disguised themselves as Agamarian farmers,[18] and several of the Imperial Knights positioned themselves away from the meeting, pretending to work on a nearby field.[18][19]

A formal alliance was struck, and Fel declared Bastion a safe haven for both the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, but the parleying was quickly interrupted by an approaching intruder riding a local animal. Masters Krieg and Sigel Dare began firing at the animal with blaster rifles until Fel recognized the rider as Nyna Calixte, the Director of Imperial Intelligence for Krayt's Empire who had held the same title under Fel's leadership prior to the conclusion of the Sith–Imperial War. Calixte hurriedly told the assembled party that the Sith were aware of the meeting and had sent a task force under the command of Moff Rulf Yage to capture or kill the Emperor. As the task force, led by the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer War Hammer, engaged Fel's Dauntless in orbit, she suggested that the Imperial Knights and Jedi run if they wanted to survive.[18]


Rae, Marasiah Fel, and Rasi Tuum battle Sith on Agamar.

The Imperial Knights and Jedi were quickly advanced upon by a group of Sith emerging from nearby swamps. Antares Draco and K'Kruhk called on their respective parties to defend Emperor Fel, and all disguises were shed as a battle ensued. Rae and Tuum fought side-by-side in an effort to protect Princess Marasiah, and at least ten Sith fell to the blades of the Imperial Knights and Jedi, as well as to Calixte's blaster. When the escape shuttle Defender One landed near the site of the melee in order to evacuate the Emperor, all of the surviving Imperial Knights and Jedi boarded, save for Rae, Marasiah, and Tuum, who were too far away. An explosion from the blasts of incoming TIE predators propelled the three further away from the shuttle,[19] knocking them unconscious.[20] Defender One lifted off to protect the Emperor and escaped the planet, leaving Rae, Marasiah, and Tuum at the mercy of Krayt's Imperials.[19]

While Rae and Tuum lay unconscious, Marasiah was taken by the Sith. They awoke, severely injured, and found that the princess was missing.[20] Three days after the battle, they came across a grounded attack ship being used by Bokar and Yuln, two Sith who were searching the area for any survivors. When the Sith returned to their ship, Rae and Tuum ambushed them and struck them dead. Although Tuum wanted to return to Bastion, Rae insisted that they try to rescue the princess. Tuum obliged,[17] and the two piloted the attack ship to the Sith–Imperial fleet in orbit, where they sensed that Marasiah was being held. Their attempts to infiltrate the War Hammer failed when they discovered that the attack ship's docking codes were no longer valid, and they were forced to flee into hyperspace from pursuing Imperial attack craft.[20]

The two returned to Bastion and made it past the planet's mines when they transmitted proper clearance codes. Their approach nevertheless set off alarms, and a group of Imperial Knights and Jedi rushed onto a landing platform to find that a Sith attack ship was making planetfall. Rae contacted Ganner Krieg on his personal comlink, which prevented Bastion's artillery batteries from firing upon her craft as it landed. When she disembarked, Rae was seized by a frantic Antares Draco, who demanded to know where Marasiah was. She related her story, but he continued to accost her, claiming that she should have died rather than return home without the princess. Tuum's attempts at intervention led to him being Force-pushed across the landing platform, but the confrontation was halted by Hogrum Chalk, who informed the Imperial Knights present that they were needed in the Emperor's quarters. Therein, Fel worried that his daughter knew all of the Empire's codes and gave Draco three hours to form a plan to rescue her.[20]

United front[]

"This way, Azlyn!"
"With you, Ganner!"
―Krieg and Rae, while defending the Hidden Temple[21]

Draco, Krieg, and Shado Vao were able to extract Marasiah from the Sith world Korriban, but Draco was captured by the Sith in the process.[22] After Marasiah's return to Bastion, her father hosted a remembrance ceremony honoring Draco and the Imperial Knights who had fallen on Agamar. Rae, along with Vao and a large group of Imperial Knights, attended the ceremony.[23] Rae, Vao, and Krieg soon afterward took the Princess to meet with Jedi Master Wolf Sazen, who joined the three of them in accompanying Marasiah to the Hidden Temple to meet with the Empire's new allies. The Mynock arrived shortly thereafter with Draco as a passenger—he had been tortured by the Sith Inquisitor Darth Havok into revealing the Hidden Temple's location before being frozen in carbonite and delivered as a gift from Krayt to Skywalker, who sought a showdown with the Dark Lord. Rae, Vao, and Krieg met with Draco and Skywalker after the Mynock made planetfall and brought their broken comrade before the Princess. Rae and Krieg watched as she berated Draco for sacrificing his honor and yet offered him the chance to redeem himself by aiding in the inevitable defense of the Temple from Krayt's Empire.[21]


Skywalker's strike team arrives at their target during the Battle of Coruscant.

Skywalker and his uncle concocted a plan to stand firm and lure Krayt's forces into the Temple, which would allow the fleets of both Fel's Empire and the Galactic Alliance to emerge from hyperspace behind them and seal their naval forces in a trap. When the attack came, Skywalker and the four present Imperial Knights stood with the Jedi and defended the Temple's outer portal from a group of attacking Sith. Rae and Krieg fought side-by-side as they cut down the invaders. "Bantha" Rawk, who had resurrected his position as a Jedi, soon contacted the Galactic Alliance and Empire-in-exile fleets, who arrived in the system to spring their trap.[21] As the space battle raged, Rae and Krieg worked cooperatively to down an Imperial walker that marched towards the Temple. When Krayt's secret army of Sith troopers arrived in-system, a group of them surrounded the defenders, who had been pushed back to the Temple's council chambers. The Skywalkers and three additional Jedi Masters remained there to defend Master T'ra Saa, who was using Battle meditation to rally the allied forces, while Rae and the others retreated. The starships that composed the Hidden Temple then rose into the sky and were able to flee the system under the protection of a blast of Force energy that rose with them, and of several ships that defected from Krayt's Empire during the battle. After having taken heavy losses from the Sith troopers, the surviving allies retreated to Bastion.[24]

Three days after the fall of the Hidden Temple, the Emperor, along with Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance and the surviving members of the Jedi Council, decided to mount an offensive against Coruscant before Krayt and his Sith troopers could strike at Bastion. Along with Masters Krieg and Dare, Rae joined a strike team whose goal was to infiltrate the planet in advance of the attack and disable the central computers that controlled the planet's orbital defenses. Morrigan Corde, a recent defector from Krayt's Empire who had also worn the hat of Director of Imperial Intelligence as her alter ego Nyna Calixte, led the team; it also included Skywalker, Vao, Sazen, and Tuum. Syn and Blue brought them to Coruscant in the Mynock and covertly landed at a hidden location; the strike team arrived at their target two minutes before the allied fleets were set to arrive in-system. Rae and Tuum used telekinesis to blast several technicians away, and as the group fought off stormtroopers and Sith troopers, Krieg, Vao, and Skywalker destroyed the computers and brought Coruscant's defenses down.[25]

The group's next destination was the Temple of the Sith, where they hoped to locate Krayt and force him into a showdown with Skywalker. They entered using secret tunnels that Skywalker and Vao had discovered years before when it had been the Jedi Temple, but Darth Talon and Darth Stryfe were waiting for them along with several other Sith. A fierce skirmish erupted that saw Master Dare stabbed in the chest, as well as a confrontation between Sazen and Stryfe that ended both warriors' lives. Rae stood with Krieg and fought on as Skywalker penetrated deeper into the temple,[25] where he found and killed Krayt. As the Sith troopers' wills were linked to the Dark Lord through the dark side of the Force, they all went insane, and the ones in combat with the strike team were promptly cut down. The Sith trooper-piloted Annihilator-class starfighters in the space battle above that crashed onto Coruscant's surface, and Krayt's fleet fled into hyperspace. The capital belonged to the allies, and the Sith went into hiding—the war was over. One of the battle's casualties was Emperor Fel, who had fallen to the dark side and attempted to release a Sith-created pathogen onto Coruscant that would kill every living thing onworld. He had then been slain by Draco, as every Imperial Knight had taken a vow to end the Emperor's life if he were ever to stray from the light. Rae was one of many in attendance at Fel's funeral in the war's immediate aftermath; Master Chalk delivered a eulogy and announced the formation of a Galactic Federation Triumvirate: Admiral Stazi, Jedi Master K'Kruhk, and the newly-crowned Empress Marasiah, who would unify the galaxy.[26]

Personality and traits[]

"Let me go, Cade. Let the Force… take me. 'M [sic] not afraid…"
―Azlyn Rae accepts death[16]

Azlyn Rae was an adventurous youth, often exploring the jungles of Ossus with Cade Skywalker and playing pranks on her Jedi instructors.[5][7] Her loyalty to the Jedi Order remained strong even after she was estranged from it and taken in by the Imperial Knights. Seven years after the Jedi were scattered by Darth Krayt's Sith, Rae re-encountered the remnants of the Order and began longing for the way of the Jedi. Her conflicted heart was palpable in the Force and able to be sensed by her former Master, Rasi Tuum. Although she yearned for her past, Rae was mindful of the oaths she had sworn to Emperor Fel as an Imperial Knight. Her duty to the Emperor was clear to her mind, if not to her heart,[4] and she felt a debt of gratitude to the Imperial Knights for taking her in and completing her training.[5] Rae felt severely conflicted while at the Hidden Temple and considered the possibility of abandoning her oaths and rejoining the Jedi.[4] Ultimately, she chose to remain with the Imperial Knights.[20]

On an undercover mission for Emperor Fel, Rae willingly deceived and earned the trust of Cade Skywalker, her childhood friend, when she was reunited with him after seven years of estrangement.[1][6] When Skywalker realized her duplicity and berated her for it, she began to feel remorse,[6] thinking that their past together should have garnered him respect and honesty on her part. Although she had believed him to be dead and had tried to forget about him, Rae had always loved Skywalker, and he her. The Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg also had feelings for Rae, and although she cared for Krieg too, she believed that their duties as Imperial Knights would always take them down separate paths.[7]


Azlyn Rae believed that the Muur Talisman was evil, and refused to comply with her Emperor's order to obtain it.

The Imperial Knights served the Force as embodied by their Emperor, and Rae adamantly believed that their Emperor should never ask them to do anything dishonorable. She was disgusted when he ordered them to obtain the Muur Talisman, which she saw as an object of pure evil. She hated anything that was associated with the Sith and was uncomfortable with the fact that the Talisman had transformed stormtroopers into Rakghouls, even if they served Darth Krayt's Empire. Believing that the Talisman was incredibly dangerous, Rae was prepared to kill Celeste Morne, the wearer of the Talisman, in cold blood in order to destroy it. She thought that Morne had been poisoned by its influence and was willing to take it on herself in an effort to contain its evil.[7]

While battling Sith on Had Abbadon, Rae attempted to prevent Antares Draco, her ally, from obtaining the Talisman. She was staunch in her belief that Darth Krayt's death was their main priority,[15] and she stabbed him herself during the battle. The effort nearly killed her,[14] and while she lay on the brink of death, she was content with the thought that her actions had saved the galaxy. She asked Skywalker to let her die and become one with the Force, and resisted all efforts to heal her.[16] She hated the suit of life-preserving armor that she was subsequently placed in and accused Skywalker of keeping her alive for selfish reasons. She lamented the fact that she would never feel anything on her skin again and once again wanted to die.[2]

Rae gained some of her will to live back after Hogrum Chalk fitted her with a more practical suit of armor and was eager to test out its capabilities in battle.[3] She was once again fully dedicated to the Imperial Knights and the Emperor, going to great efforts to keep Princess Marasiah Fel out of the Sith's clutches.[19][17] Although she had been unconscious when Marasiah had been taken by the Sith, Rae felt that she had failed her duty by not having prevented it. Rasi Tuum attempted to dissuade her from pursuing Marasiah into a Sith–Imperial Star Destroyer, but she insisted that her duty demanded she try.[17] Pragmatism won out in the end, however, when Rae realized that she could not take on an entire Sith–Imperial fleet in a single attack ship.[20]

Although she served an organization that viewed the Force as a tool,[10] Rae believed in the will of the Force. After being severely injured on Had Abbadon, she thought that the Force willed she should die.[16] She later believed that it was the will of the Force, in addition to her duty as an Imperial Knight, that she attempt to rescue Marasiah from the Sith.[17]

Relationship with Cade Skywalker[]

"Wonder why I ever wanted to forget about you."
"Sometimes remembering hurts too much and our only hope is to forget."
―Skywalker and Rae[7]

An old flame is reignited on Had Abbadon.

While growing up at the Jedi Academy on Ossus, Rae grew close to and developed feelings for Cade Skywalker, a fellow Jedi apprentice.[7] She believed him to be dead after the Jedi Order was scattered by the Sith,[1] and she put her past, including memories of Skywalker, behind her as she began a new life.[7] Although she deceived him and earned his ire after reuniting with him seven years later,[6] their memories came flooding back to both of them when he used the Force to heal them of the Rakghoul plague. Both of them realized that they had always loved each other, and they spent an intimate night together on Had Abbadon.[7] When Rae was almost killed during battle with the Sith, Skywalker expended a considerable amount of Force energy to keep her alive, nearly falling to the dark side as he did so. He ignored Rae's wishes to die and ensured her survival,[16] claiming that it was out of love. Rae was then placed in a life-preserving suit, and she lashed out at Skywalker, accusing him of keeping her alive for selfish reasons. The two parted ways,[2] but Skywalker continued to think of Rae as one of the most important people in his life.[27]

Powers and abilities[]

"She's purty good."
―"Bantha" Rawk, on Rae's combat abilities[1]

Azlyn Rae was trained in the ways of the Force by both the Jedi Order and the Imperial Knights,[4] two organizations whose members were said to be among the most talented and powerful Force-users in the galaxy. After becoming a full-fledged Imperial Knight, she possessed a unique diversity of training that led to her often being assigned by the Emperor on missions as a scout or undercover agent.[10] She showed prowess as a scout, pursuing Cade Skywalker from Socorro to Iego without being noticed.[13] She was also skilled at deception, able to lie to Skywalker and his friends and convince them to trust her while she was actually using them to smuggle her fellow Imperial Knights into the Jedi's Hidden Temple.[1][4]

Rae was skilled in various uses of the Force, including telekinesis and mind tricks.[10] She could also sense others in the Force at great distances.[20] Rae survived a battle with a group of Sith on Agamar that saw several Imperial Knights fall,[17] killing at least one Sith during the melee.[19] She later participated in the defense of the Jedi's Hidden Temple and was able to down an Imperial walker alongside Ganner Krieg.[24] During the Battle of Coruscant, Rae fought in a strike team that killed a number of Sith as well as several of Darth Krayt's Sith troopers.[25] Her stabbing of Darth Krayt on Had Abbadon was the first of several strikes that led to his defeat, although the encounter nearly killed her as well.[14] In addition to her Force abilities, Rae was a capable pilot.[13][20]


"Rawk's stuff was crude. Some ingenious bits in it, but not Imperial standard."
―Hogrum Chalk compares Rae's two suits of life-preserving armor[3]

As an Imperial Knight, Rae wore the Order's standard crimson armor, but often worked undercover[10] and wore plainclothes or bounty hunting armor.[1][13] She built her own[10] orange-bladed lightsaber, unique from the standard silver-bladed Imperial Knight lightsaber, to better disguise herself.[1] While undercover, Rae piloted her own starship[13] and carried several homing beacons,[13][6] a comlink, and a heavy blaster pistol.[10]

After suffering severe injuries from Force lightning produced during a battle on Had Abbadon, Rae was placed into a life-preserving suit by "Bantha" and Droo Rawk that covered her entire body, pumping bacta all around her and breathing for her.[2] Hogrum Chalk, the master armorer of the Imperial Knights, later built a new set of armor for her that negated the need for a helmet by installing an artificial breathing system in the suit's neck. It resembled the crimson armor of the Imperial Knights[3] and protected Rae from suffering a fatal injury[17] when she was knocked unconscious by an explosion on Agamar.[20] In her new armor, Rae began using the Order's standard silver-bladed lightsaber.[19][17]

Behind the scenes[]

"We spent all of 2008 moving the pieces into motion."
―John Ostrander on Star Wars: Legacy's overarching storyline in 2008, in which Azlyn Rae featured heavily[28]

Rae was originally going to appear on the cover of Star Wars: Legacy 49.

Azlyn Rae was created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema for the comic series Star Wars: Legacy, and debuted within its twenty-third issue in May 2008. She briefly appeared in the comic wearing only her bounty hunter armor,[13] but was unmasked and revealed to be a childhood friend of Cade Skywalker,[1] the series' protagonist,[29] in the following issue.[1] Rae went on to play a major role in six further issues of the series in 2008, including Legacy's chapters of Star Wars: Vector,[30][31] a crossover event that occurred throughout all four Star Wars comic titles then being published by Dark Horse Comics. In the final third of 2008, Legacy's pages were home to Vector's conclusion, and Ostrander and Duursema spent much of the year moving various pieces of the story into motion in preparation for that conclusion.[28] Azlyn Rae was one of those pieces,[30][32] and in Vector's final issue, she directly contributed to the apparent death of Darth Krayt.[14] Ostrander and Duursema intended for Krayt's apparent death to be a major impact of Vector left upon Legacy and its story.[28]

Rae was mortally wounded in Vector's final issue,[14] and three months later, her struggle between life and death was the major focus of Legacy's Storms story arc, which dealt with the immediate aftermath of the events of Vector.[2][16] After the conclusion of Storms, she played a much smaller role in the remainder of the series.[3][19][20][17] She has since appeared in Legacy's follow-up miniseries, Star Wars: Legacy—War.[21][25]

The cover of Legacy's forty-ninth issue was originally set to feature Rae and Rasi Tuum,[33][34] before being swapped for a cover depicting Cade Skywalker and Wolf Sazen instead.[20] In a single panel of the series' twenty-eighth issue, Rae's orange lightsaber blade was incorrectly colored blue.[5]



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