"I wandered for a while, doing whatever odd jobs I could get and eventually found out being a bounty hunter was what I did best"
―Azlyn Rae[src]

Azlyn Rae was a Human female, who was a former Jedi Padawan turned Imperial Knight. During her career, she also became a bounty hunter following the Sith-Imperial War. She concealed her identity by wearing an armor and mask and also wielded an orange lightsaber, thus concealing her Imperial Knight status.


Early Life

"- Gave me up for dead, didn't you, Cade?
- Long time ago... Azlyn Rae
―Azlyn Rae[src]

Sometime before 130 ABY, Azlyn was the Padawan of Jedi Master Rasi Tuum. She held a connecting to Cade Skywalker, having had many adventures on Ossus, even had shared a kiss. After the Battle of Coruscant and the Massacre at Ossus she was separated from her master and then took up life as a bounty hunter. Rae was one of the many Jedi believed dead. However, an Imperial Knight rescued her and feeling that she owed them, she allowed the Imperial Knights to complete her training.

Following Cade Skywalker

"I know Azlyn. I'm confident her first loyalty is to the Fel Empire and our Emperor"
―Marasiah Fel[src]

In 137 ABY, when Azlyn heard of a man named Cade escaping the Temple of the Sith, Azlyn thought that this may have been the boy she once trained with. She then followed Cade from the Golden Gorg Cantina in Socorro to Rawk's Nest in Iego to find out if Cade was the same person she knew. When he was high on a death stick, Azlyn took the opportunity to knock him out, possibly to collect his bounty. After a minor confrontation with "Bantha" Rawk, she revealed herself to Cade and former Master Skywalker.

When a Sith Imperial Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer under the command of Captain Gurlok appeared, looking for Cade's whereabouts, Azlyn prevented the death of Rawk's stepchildren by using a mind trick on Gurlok when he refused to believe that he was lied to by Black Sun.

Afterwards, Rawk informed Cade of the existence of a Jedi Hidden Temple. Azlyn went along, though she informed Antares Draco, Ganner Krieg and Princess Marasiah Fel of the existence of the temple and Skywalker's plan to travel there.

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Azlyn accompanied Cade and Bantha, along with Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn to the Hidden Temple on the planet Taivas, leading the Imperial Knights with her. As they landed on the temple everyone but Azlyn became surprised to encounter the imperial delegation led by Marasiah Fel. Despite the animosity between the Jedi from the Temple and the Imperial Knights, they were able to put aside their differences and talk without violence - the Imperial Knights said they were in a peace mission, the Jedi wondered how they got to their hidden location. Cade didn't waste much time figuring it was Azlyn who betrayed them, but Marasiah told him Azlyn was an undercover Imperial Knight, and not just looking for credits by selling them out. Her mission was to find Cade and convince him to return to Bastion but his travels to the Hidden Temple change all that.[1]

While Cade met with the Jedi Council, Azlyn was reunited with Rasi Tuum.[1] Tuum questioned her choice to join the Imperial Knights, and Azlyn admitted that she was doubting if she should remain one. When Marasiah became aware of this, she told Azlyn that the penalty for leaving the Imperial Knights is death.

Traveling with Cade

Assassination Mission

When Cade left on a mission to assassinate Krayt, Rae, along with Draco and Krieg, went with him. While in route to the planet Had Abbadon Skywalker's ship was pulled out of hyperspace by the interdictor field on a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, the Iron Sun, and tractored into the hangar bay. Rakghouls were discovered on the vessel and Rae was infected by the Rakghoul Plague. While infected Celeste Morne revealed to Rae and Skywalker the nature of the Rakghoul plague and her history. Fortunately Skywalker was able to cure her using his healing power. This display of the Force convinced Morne to assist in Skywalker's plot to assassinate Krayt, and joined Skywalker's entourage.

The party eventually reached Had Abbadon in the Deep Core. After attacking the Imperial base there, the party successfully took it. Celeste allowed one Sith to escape so Krayt would know Cade was there and come after him. While waiting for Krayt to arrive, Draco contacted Roan Fel about the Muur Talisman. Fel was interested in the talisman, and ordered Draco and the knights to bring him either Celeste Morne or just the talisman after their mission was over.

Azlyn and Ganner were horrified by this order. Azlyn went to kill Celeste and destroy the talisman to prevent it from causing any further harm, but was stopped by Cade. After a brief argument, they realized their old feelings for each other had resurfaced, and shared a kiss. They spent the night together, but their time together was interrupted by the voice of Karness Muur, who was messing with the minds of the crew.

Behind the Scenes

  • In Issue 28 Azlyn Rae's orange lightsaber is incorrectly colored blue.



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