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The Azumels were a sentient species that existed within the galaxy. Argus Panox was a member of this species.

Biology and appearance[]

"Eyes on your own cards, buddy. All of them."
―Han Solo, to Argus Panox[3]

The Azumel[1] were a species of gray,[2] mottled brown,[3] or tan colored skin.[4] They had six eyes which varied in color from blue[3] to green[5] or orange.[2] They also had four fingers on each hand.[3]

Azumel in the galaxy[]

During the High Republic Era, Jedi Master Cibaba was an Azumel serving the Jedi Order at the the Jedi temple on Alaris Prime, where he trained his Padawan, Tylera.[7]

An Azumel was present in a bar on the planet Telerath when Jango Fett and Boba Fett met with bounty hunters.[2]

During the Clone Wars, an Azumel was a stagehand aboard Risha Synata's ship.[4]

Argus Panox was a male Azumel played during Lando Calrissian and Han Solo's first sabacc game on the planet Vandor.[3]

Makkeer was an Azumel who discovered the location of hidden treasure by the pirate queen Rane Mahal.[5]

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