The azurdactyl was a two-legged aquamarine and black reptavian found on the Outer Rim planet Jagomir. The flying creatures were somewhat intelligent, a fact that members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic learned while stationed on the planet.

Biology and appearance[]

Azurdactyls were a reptavian species that inhabited the Outer Rim planet Jagomir. The reptavians had some level of intelligence, possibly even being semi-sentient. Xenologists stationed at the Rebel Alliance's base on Jagomir theorized that azurdactyls were distantly related to the thranta and aiwha of[1] the planets[2] Alderaan and Kamino, respectively, and were carnivorous.[1]

The azurdactyl was primarily aquamarine in color, with a pale underbelly and a black stripe extending over its back from the front of its head to the end of its tail. Two stubby, clawed legs laid under the creature's two pairs of thin wings, with one pair situated above a much smaller pair. An azurdactyl's neck and tail were each about the same length as its body, and its twisted jaw was nearly as large as the rest of its head.[1]


A group of azurdactyls fly around an Alliance X-wing.

The reptavians could regularly be seen flying above the canopies of Jagomir's forests. During their flights, the creatures played with one another and flew alongside starships, such as Rebel T-65 X-wing starfighters. Members of the Rebel Alliance who were stationed on the planet found that azurdactyls were willing to help hunt for food if they were given a share of the catch. Azurdactyls could dive bomb opponents and buffet them with their wings.[1]


After the Rebellion established a base on Jagomir, its personnel interacted with azurdactyls on multiple occasions. Xenologists at the base concluded that the reptavians were related to the thranta and aiwha species, while other personnel found that azurdactyls would assist them in hunting in exchange for a portion of the catch.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The azurdactyl was introduced in Onslaught at Arda I, a 2014 roleplaying adventure published by Fantasy Flight Games for use with the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying game.[1]


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