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The Azure Imperium was a government that predated the Galactic Republic by centuries and centered on the twin worlds of Axum and Anaxes in the Axum system,[2] which were populated by Humans who had arrived on sleeper ships from the planet Coruscant.[3] While Anaxes served as the Imperium's primary shipyard and fortress world, the planet Axum was the Imperium's capital, and the Imperium's territory was spread along the hyperlane that was later known as the Perlemian Trade Route. The Imperium was peacefully absorbed by the growing influence of Coruscant several centuries[2] before the year 25,053 BBY, when the Galactic Republic was founded,[3] though the Imperium's influence could still be felt in the millennia afterwards—the Azure sector and the Republic Military's Azure Hammer Command took their names from the Azure Imperium.[2] During the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire, an Azure Imperium ruin was discovered and excavated on Anaxes.[1]

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