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"We're going to have to be very careful out here."
―Aeron Azzameen[src]

A series of cargo fields belonged to the Azzameen family, owners of trading company Twin Suns Transport Services, around 3 ABY. The cargo fields contained a number of cargo containers full of varied cargo in at least three plots and were considered a secret known only to the family. After Aeron Azzameen accidentally deleted records on the contents of containers stored in the fields, she and her brother Ace manually inspected the fields to rebuild the database. During their mission, the siblings came upon a number of intruding starships, including the Pursuer-class enforcement ship Enkidu sabotaging one of the plots on behalf of the Azzameens' rivals, Viraxo Industries. Finding that the security of the plots had been compromised due to these breaches, the Azzameens determined that the cargo containers held in the area would have to be moved.


"We will fly together to the three affected cargo storage areas. We must inspect all cargo containers in each area then return home."
―MK-09 briefs Ace Azzameen on the mission to restore the family's database[src]

Several cargo fields were maintained by the Azzameen family, traders who owned and operated the shipping company Twin Suns Transport Services,[1] around 3 ABY.[2] The fields consisted of at least three distinct plots; each plot contained a number of Xizor Transport Systems cargo containers,[1] arranged in such a way to be easily and quickly inspected.[3] One of the plots comprised Class-G and Class-I cargo containers holding shelters and fertilizer, respectively. The second plot accommodated pressure tanks containing LOX and Class-J cargo containers holding construction equipment. The last of the three plots consisted of Class-K and Class-L cargo containers; the Class-K containers held teel wood, and the Class-L containers held hydron. The plots were separated from each other and the Azzameen's home, an orbital platform known as Azzameen Station, by a distance requiring a jump through hyperspace. The fields' location was an Azzameen family secret in order to protect the cargo stored there from sabotage or pirates,[1] though the family did report the location to Imperial inspectors.[3]



Ace Azzameen, piloting the Sabra, intercepts the Raider.

"Unidentified ship, you are trespassing. State your business."
"Looks like they are bugging out, Aeron. Should we stop them?"
"Yeah, if we can. We need to know what's going on here."
―Aeron and Emkay discuss the intruding Enkidu[src]

While applying an upgrade to the security system of the cargo fields in 3 ABY,[2] family technician Aeron Azzameen accidentally deleted database entries for the contents of the containers located in three of the cargo fields' plots. She enlisted the help of her brother Ace, who had only recently begun to fly ships for his father's company, to inspect each container in order to manually recreate the lost information. After departing Azzameen Station in the family's two YT-1300 light freighters—Aeron in the Selu and Ace flying the Sabra—the siblings successfully scanned the contents of the first plot without incident.[1]

Moving on to the next plot, the Azzameens discovered the cargo ferry Raider attempting to steal a container;[1] Ace swiftly dispatched the intruding ship.[3] Upon reaching the third plot, the Azzameens discovered more interlopers in the Pursuer-class enforcement ship Enkidu and its Razor-class starfighter escort. The Enkidu, acting on orders from the Azzameens' rivals, Viraxo Industries, was clandestinely adding contraband spice to one of the containers in an effort to sabotage the Azzameens and Twin Suns Transport Services. After defeating the escorts and chasing off the Enkidu, Aeron concluded that the location of the fields, formerly unknown to anyone but the Azzameens, had been compromised; the family droid, MK-09, lamented that the cargo containers would have to be moved as a result. The Selu collected the sabotaged container and continued inspecting the last field. When complete, both Azzameen ships returned to Azzameen Station, contraband in tow.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Azzameen cargo fields were featured in the 1999 PC game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance as a tutorial level to acquaint players with inspecting craft. In the level, players were required to pilot a starship through the cargo fields, approaching a number of containers and scanning their contents. Players were also required to fight raiders later in the mission in order to protect the cargo yards. The mission also revealed rising tensions between the Azzameen family's company, Twin Suns Transport Services, and the rival Viraxo Industries.



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