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"B'asia hid under her bed, and one of the troopers was…unkind in getting her out, would not let Killi or me help. He grabbed her. She's Togruta, and he took hold of her by her montrals, and she screamed and tried to escape him and…he struck her."
"The stormtrooper struck a child?"
"She will be fine. At least the injury is not permanent."
Kaya Gimm and Baze Malbus[src]

B'asia was a young Togruta female who resided at the orphanage of Killi Gimm in Jedha City. During the Galactic Empire's occupation of Jedha, Imperial stormtroopers raided Gimm's orphanage in search of contraband. When stormtroopers pushed Gimm to the ground, B'asia became frightened, and she hid under her bed. When a stormtrooper tried to remove B'asia from her hiding place, he grabbed her by her montrals, and when B'asia resisted, the stormtrooper struck her. When the raid concluded, Gimm, B'asia, and the other orphans were relocated to a home near the Second Spire. Later, she and thirty-three other orphans were able to escape Jedha in a stolen Imperial shuttle.[1]

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