"The classic! A grilled-to-perfection patty topped with all the fixin's—a slice of Gonzo yellow cheese, Revwien lettuce, topato slices, grilled Ojomian onions and B'omarr-style pickles."
―Dex's Diner menu, on the Coruscant slider[src]

The B'omarr-style pickle was a type of pickle used at Dex's Diner, a restaurant owned by a Besalisk chef named Dexter Jettster on the planet of Coruscant, before[1] the eatery was destroyed in or around the year 18 BBY.[2] Jettster used them in his Coruscant slider, a slider inspired by the time he had spent on the galactic capital.[1] The pickles were named after the B'omarr Order,[3] a mysterious religious group that believed in cutting off feelings and emotions to allow them to embark on mental journeys that were otherwise impossible.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Because we all know the B'omarr Monks are experts at pickling things."
―Gregory Walker[src]

B'omarr-style pickles are mentioned in a 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive release, Dining at Dex's by Gregory Walker, which represents the in-universe menu of Dex's Diner. The B'omarr Order was a religious order found in the Star Wars galaxy, one which first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, although only a nominal connection between these two is established in Walker's work. Nonetheless, Walker has stated the reference was intentional.[3]


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