"You will not defeat us! You may kill us, but you will not defeat us. You will never defeat us!"
―B'shith Vorrik to Gilad Pellaeon[src]

B'shith Vorrik was the Yuuzhan Vong commander assigned to undertake the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Imperial Remnant. His face and scalp were almost completely devoid of skin.


After winning the initial Battle of Bastion in 28 ABY, he pursued the fleeing Imperial Starfleet to Borosk, where he planned to defeat them. However, he did not anticipate the Galactic Alliance's support of the Imperials, and thus lost the Battle of Borosk. He indecisively raided Yaga Minor, but decided to flee towards Wild Space instead of facing the approaching Imperial fleet.

Vorrik then was tasked with destroying the HoloNet relay on Esfandia, but once more underestimated his Human opponents—this time not expecting his nemesis, Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, to have been willing to leave the Remnant. This surprise, as well as Pellaeon's taunting, made Vorrik distracted enough during the Battle of Esfandia to become susceptible to the proposal of the Jedi Tahiri Veila, who suggested that he send a portion of his forces down to the planet itself while the battle was still continuing.

Pellaeon was able to destroy the divided Yuuzhan Vong forces easily, and enraged, Vorrik attempted to ram Pellaeon's ship, the Right to Rule, with his own command ship. However, the Imperial fleet destroyed Vorrik's ship well before he reached his target, killing him and everyone else on board. Shortly thereafter, the rest of his fleet met the same fate. Jaina Solo jokingly christened the resulting space wreckage Vorrik's Folly.



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