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The B-wing/E starfighter, or B-wing Expanded, was an upgraded B-wing starfighter with an extended cabin to accommodate a gunner, in addition to a pilot.


While appearing almost identical to its predecessor, the B-wing/E had a command cabin extended by 3 meters to add space for a gunnery station directly behind the pilot seat. The addition of a gunner drastically increased the kill statistics for this fighter by freeing the pilot to focus solely on flying the craft without dividing his attention between piloting and gunnery.

The B-wing/E was faster and more durable, but sacrificed maneuverability allowed by the standard B-wing. Increased shielding, speed, and its complement of weapons made this fighter a genuine threat to Imperial ships.


The B-wing/E was designed at Shantipole Research Station, a Verpine facility deep in the Roche asteroid field. Rebel operatives foiled an attempt by Imperial spies to steal the design specs for the craft, and the craft was brought to production by Slayn & Korpil.

Admiral Gial Ackbar made use of a specially modified B-wing/E as his personal military shuttle. His craft, belonging to the B-wing/E2 sub-model, was made with a wider command cabin to accommodate a single passenger seated next to the pilot seat. While traveling with Princess Leia Organa on final approach to the planet Vortex, Ackbar crashed his B-wing/E2 into the Cathedral of Winds, destroying the structure and killing over 350 native Vors in the process. It was later discovered Ackbar's fighter had been sabotaged by his chief mechanic Terpfen, an unwilling agent of Ambassador Furgan of Carida.



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