B1-A air battle droid were battle droids in the Separatist Droid Army that utilized jetpacks and a personal shield.


Their design shared design characteristics with that of the B1-Series battle droids though were more bulky in appearance in a similar vein as the B2 super battle droid.

These droids were equipped with two short blades, arm-mounted blasters, and a shield that could block lightsabers. In addition, they possessed a built-in repulsor pack allowing them to hover on the battlefield and gave them a high degree of mobility allowing them to either harass enemies from a distance or charge at them in close quarter combat.

There were high hopes for the design, but it was easy for clone troopers to shoot them down because they had a weak spot on their wings. If one was shot, then it lost control.


Air droids and a B2 grapple droid fighting Kenobi and Skywalker on the Invisible Hand.

A number of air battle droids were present on the Invisible Hand during the Battle of Coruscant. These units were destroyed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker when they boarded the Providence-class carrier/destroyer to free Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic.

More units were present on the planet Utapau where they battled against Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi.



Concept art for the air battle droid.

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