"Roger rog—"
―B1-CC14's last words before the Obrexta III crashed into Ponemah[src]

B1-CC14 was a B1 battle droid with masculine programming who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars against the Galactic Republic.


Toward the end of the Clone Wars, he served on board the Obrexta III, a Separatist cruiser tasked with carrying the captured clone trooper CT-6116 from the planet Coruscant to the planet Serenno. En route, the cruiser was attacked by Republic forces and was heavily damaged. Knowing that the ship was in no shape to reach Serenno, B1-CC14 activated the emergency beacon before jumping the ship to a random point through hyperspace. The jump took the cruiser to the desert planet Ponemah Terminal, where it crashed into the planet's surface and B1-CC14 lost power. Nearly fifty years later, an ion storm struck the vessel and repowered some of its systems, including the emergency broadcast. A number of pirate groups were attracted by the broadcast, believing the Obrexta III to contain the legendary lost treasure of the Sith Lord Count Dooku. After one group of pirates managed to get aboard the vessel, B1-CC14 briefly powered back up and activated a failsafe that would mobilize all B2 super battle droids on board to stop the intruders. The battle droid then deactivated again and was destroyed soon after, when the Obrexta III exploded.[1]


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