This article is about the B1 worker droid. You may be looking for the B1-Series battle droid.

"I have an idea that could increase the lifting capacity of the B1 labor droid by as much as 25%. If you can locate a source for this material I need so that I can make the new alloy, I can reward you handsomely."
―A prospective innovator, to a spacer[src]

A rare entry by AccuTronics into the fifth-degree labor droid market, the B1 worker droid was a smaller complement to the massive CLL-8 binary load lifters used in freight.


Its programming was similar to its larger brethren, which equated to a simplistic, literal mindset which was nonetheless appropriate to the drudgery of heavy manual labor, which required little more than great strength. B1's would take orders from anyone. Its cargo claws were designed with suction pads for added grip, and its reverse articulated legs were aided by a third retracting leg which was used for added stability during lifting of bulky loads.


During the period just prior to the Clone Wars, AccuTronics fielded a nuna-ball team composed of B1s. This team was defeated by a Serv-O-Droid team featuring RIC-series droids, which were quicker and more agile than the strong but lumbering cargo droids.

These droids were used at Radell Mining Corporation headquarters. The heavily armed Imperial defense droid used on-board the original Death Star was of a similar design.

Behind the scenes[]

The cost is listed as 9,800 credits (new) and 6,400 credits (used) in The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, Second Edition and Platt's Smugglers Guide, but the Arms & Equipment Guide states a price of 800 credits.



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