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"Roger, roger."
―Typical response of a B1 battle droid — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

The B1 battle droid, sometimes referred to as the standard battle droids, was a model of battle droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata[2] and Baktoid Armor Workshop. Designed to resemble their Geonosian creators,[3] the Trade Federation made extensive use of B1 battle droids and utilized them as their military force during the Federation's invasion of Naboo.[5] Ten years later, the Federation provided B1 battle droid forces to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which were used against the clone army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.[6] They were outlawed by the Galactic Empire in the wake of the destructive conflict.[9]

During the Clone Wars, B1 battle droids were the most common form of battle droid. They would charge towards their enemies, firing their blasters.[1] The B1 Battle droids were often seen as vulnerable and clumbsy, using their sheer numbers to overpower their enemy. The B1 Battle droids were ofter under direct command of OOM command battle droids, units that had better procesors and were seen as supperior as their lower ranking counterparts.

After the Clone Wars, with the shutdown activation ordered during Order 66, most B1 Battle droids were deactivated, but some refused to shut down and formed the Separatist holdouts. One such holdout, led by the Super tactical droid Kalani, was located on the Outer Rim planet of Agamar.



A B1 piloting a Single Trooper Aerial Platform on Naboo.

B1 battle droids stood 1.93 meters tall and were humanoid in form. B1s were designed for cheap mass-production. As a result, they were very flimsy and vulnerable, but were capable of swarming an enemy with their hugely superior numbers.

Other models, like the droideka, B2 super battle droid and the BX-series droid commando were more expensive and as a result less widely used, but were better soldiers. They had three fingers on each hand. They were vulnerable to EMP weapons, such as the electro-proton bomb.

These battle droids were able to pilot and operate Single Trooper Aerial Platforms (STAPs),Armored Assault Tanks (AATs), Multi-Troop Transports (MTTs) and almost every other vehicle deployed by the Trade Federation and later Confederate arsenal during the Clone Wars

Battle droids used E-5 blaster rifles, SE-14 blaster pistols, and thermal detonators in combat. They spoke in a high-pitched monotone.[10][11][1]

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