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"Sir, over there, the Jedi is escaping."
"Not likely."
―A B1 battle droid and a B2-HA super battle droid — (audio) Listen (file info)[5]

The B2-HA super battle droid was a heavy weapons variant of the B2-series super battle droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars,[2] even fighting in the First Battle of Geonosis.[6] They were equipped with an integrated rocket launcher that could fire homing rockets. They could be seen leading droids like B1-series battle droids, and one led B1 battle droids on the planet Rodia.[5]

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Behind the scenes[]

The B2-HA super battle droid first appeared in "Ambush,"[2] the first episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which originally aired on October 3, 2008.[7] The droid was later first identified in the 2016 children's activity kit Star Wars Builders: Droids, written by Cole Horton for the Star Wars Builders series published by Silver Dolphin Books.[8]



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