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The B2-RP battle droid, more commonly known as the rocket droid, the super droid, or the jetpack droid, was a CIS jetpack-equipped B2 super battle droid variant used during the Clone Wars.


A B2-RP battle droid in flight.

These droids were equipped with a built-in jetpack. To distinguish them from their more common infantry variants, they were painted with blue-white markings on their torsos, arms and legs.

Late in the war, the rocket battle droids were replaced with the more advanced Super battle droid rocket trooper.[2]


Some droids were deployed by Juhm on Gwori to capture Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. However both managed to destroy the droids. About 100 rocket droids were used to board Aayla Secura's Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Liberty, during the Sky Battle of Quell. One even attacked a LAAT/i gunship, shooting at the pilot, although the latter managed to bail.[1]

An updated model of the droid, the super battle droid rocket trooper, was later built, seeing action during the Battle of Ringo Vinda.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

B2-RP battle droids appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The model number was given in the reference book Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Official Episode Guide: Season 1, written by Jason Fry.

The B2-RP droid was a recolor of the regular Super Battle Droid and it was not until the 6th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the concept received a new distinctive design with the Super battle droid rocket trooper.[2]



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