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"We have them now. Send in the super droids."
TF-1726, during the Battle of Quell[2]

The B2-RP super battle droid, also known as the B2-RP battle droid, rocket droid or jetpack droid, was a B2-series super battle droid model used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Engineered by the Techno Union,[4] they were equipped with jetpacks which incorporated compact repulsorlifts.[1]

B2-RPs attacking Secura's last cruiser.

B2-RPs were capable of flying at and even infiltrating enemy ships. At the Battle of Quell, a large force of B2-RPs was deployed to attack Aayla Secura's task force, swarming the last remaining Republic cruiser. They landed and quickly boarded the ship, advancing down the corridors of the doomed vessel and forcing Secura and her forces to abandon ship.[2]

One B2-RP battle droid was also part of the Hissrich droid unit led by the droid mercenary AD-W4.[5]

A month prior to the mission to Batuu, the astromech droid R2-D2 was damaged by a bolt fired from an B2-RP.[6]

Later in the war, an upgraded B2-RP known as the B2 super rocket trooper was introduced.[1][7]

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