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"With these new battle droids we built for you, you'll have the finest army in the galaxy."
Foreman Wat Tambor, to Count Dooku[src]

B2 super battle droids, also known as super battle droids[10] or super droids, were[11] an advanced battle droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.[4] Super battle droids were much stronger than their predecessors, and like the updated B1s used by the Confederacy, they did not require a command system to operate, which gave the droids limited independence. Another improvement was their thick armor casing, which contained their fragile sensors. However, B2s were designed with simple processors, limiting their ability to formulate strategies. As a result, they relied on organic commanders or tactical droids in order to effectively operate.[6] The B2 was much stronger than the B1s, with enough strength to lift a clone trooper off the ground as seen at the Battle of Teth.[12] Despite this a variant for close range combat, the B2 grapple droid, was created.[13] The B2-HA super battle droid was a variant of the B2 equipped with a cannon arm that could fire homing rockets.[14] This variant could be seen commanding small units, as could be seen on Rodia.[15] Two other variants were designed with flight capabilities. These were the B2-RP, and its upgraded variant the super battle droid rocket trooper.[1]


The Clone WarsEdit

"Commander, have you pinpointed the Jedi's location?"
"Affirmative. The clones gave away their position. Our heavy troops are moving to engage them now."
Asajj Ventress and a B1 battle droid after a group of super battle droids had located Republic forces during the Mission to Rugosa[src]
Super Battle Droid AtG JB Casacop

B2 super battle droids during the Battle of Geonosis

Having been developed before the onslaught of the Clone Wars, the first batch of B2 super battle droids was put into operation on Geonosis, during the battle that started the conflict.[16] The droids could take more hits and could stand up better to their enemies than the B1 battle droid could, and it saw greater production after the Battle of Geonosis.[17] However, the super battle droid costed more than the B1, and their higher costs made it that there were often one hundred B1 battle droids for every B2 on a battlefield.[18]

The B2 super battle droids continued to see action until the end of the Clone Wars, with a number of units serving aboard Grievous' flagship Invisible Hand during the Battle of Coruscant. All units were shut down following the execution of the Separatist Council, ending the Clone War in a victory for the newly-formed Galactic Empire.[19]

Post Clone WarsEdit

B2 super battle droids vs Darth Vader

B2 super battle droids on Quarantine World III.

After the Clone Wars at least one B2 fell into the hands of scrapers on a planetoid. This B2 was saved by C1-10P, and would join a droid group dedicated to helping other droids.[20] Also after the war, some B2s fell into the hands of Quarantine World III. These units were reprogrammed and were used as security for the location, and several of these droids confronted the Archaeologist Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra during her mission to steal the Triple-Zero protocol personality matrix from the planet. The droids that encountered Aphra were destroyed later in the mission by Darth Vader, who had came to recruit the archaeologist.[7]

During the cold war, a number of B2 units served as security on Cato Neimoidia.[9]

Notable individualsEdit

One super battle droid was G21, who served as part of the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars and gave a report to a superior that the planet it was stationed on was secured for the Confederacy and the population was under control.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

B2 super battle droids first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[4] Originally, as seen in animatics for the film, the super battle droids were to dual wield E-5 blaster rifles instead of having a built-in wrist blaster.[21]



Super battle droids aboard the Malevolence.

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