B4711 was one of the Imperial stormtroopers present during the Blockade of Kashyyyk in 1 ABY.


Along with another trooper and several Imperial guards, B4711 raided the home of Chewbacca's family during the Blockade of Kashyyyk. However, after their search turned up no sign of Rebel activity, the other Imperials left the home, leaving B4711 to stay and keep watch.

The trooper soon discovered a device which Lumpawarrump had made to fool the others into returning to base, which he destroyed. B4711 then chased Lumpy out onto the deck of the home, where he was met by Chewbacca and Han Solo, who had just arrived for the Life Day celebration. Solo tripped the trooper, and B4711 fell to his death in the forest below.

Later on, when the Empire began looking for the trooper, Saun Dann gave an Imperial the idea that B4711 had raided his home, stole much of his food, and fled. The Empire then proceeded to send out a search party.