The BB-2 Starfire fighter-bomber was the main bomber of the Galactic Alliance during the Sith–Imperial War and of the Galactic Alliance Remnant during the subsequent Second Imperial Civil War. It was a sleek, multipurpose starfighter made by SoroSuub Corporation that was crewed by three people and armed with multiple warhead launchers, a forward-firing laser cannon, and turrets for self-defense.


The BB-2 Starfire fighter-bomber from SoroSuub Corporation was a sleek, gently curved, hyperdrive-capable starfighter. Incredibly well armed, the starship's primary weapons were multiple warhead launchers. The BB-2's payload included ten interceptor missiles, multiple proton torpedoes capable of being launched in two massive rapid-fire salvos, and three ion bombs. It could also carry proton bombs and other ordnance. Secondary weapon systems included a pair of forward mounted laser cannons, as well as a dorsal turret on each wing that contained a light laser cannon or small anti-fighter missile launcher.[1]

Though not as maneuverable as the Galactic Alliance's CF9 Crossfire starfighter, the Starfire's pair of massive engines provided it with the same speed. The engines also provided power to the craft's dual shield generators. The Starfire was crewed by three individuals—a pilot, a co-pilot, and a gunner—and could carry a week's worth of consumables. All crew members could operate the weapons, although the pilot usually controlled the forward firing laser cannon. The pilot could fire the missiles and proton torpedoes, but not as accurately as the co-pilot. The co-pilot could also take control of the forward laser cannon or a turret but was mainly in charge of the barrage and bombing systems. The gunner could control either turret, or both of them at the same time.[1]

The Starfire cost 200,000 credits new, 90,000 credits used, and was available only to military forces. It could achieve a speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour in a planet's atmosphere and carry ninety kilograms of cargo. It was equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive.[1]


As a bomber, the BB-2 Starfire's primary role was attacks on capital ships and space stations using a rapid-fire barrage of missiles and proton torpedoes. The standard tactic for the Starfire, employed by the Galactic Alliance during the Sith–Imperial War, was to fire multiple salvos from maximum range, then return to their carrier and reload. Later, these tactics were changed to reduce wasting of precious ordnance. The new tactics included getting as close to an enemy target as possible in order to guarantee a direct hit. Pilots of the Alliance's BB-2s relied on the craft's powerful shielding to survive these types of engagements during the Second Imperial Civil War. They were often accompanied by a squadron of CF9 Crossfire starfighters to provide protection from enemy starfighters.[1]


The BB-2 Starfire was the main bomber used by the Galactic Alliance Navy during the Sith–Imperial War and by the Galactic Alliance Remnant fleet after the Battle of Caamas in 130 ABY.[1]

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The BB-2 Starfire fighter-bomber was first mentioned in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, released in 2009. The Legacy Era Campaign Guide once mistakenly identified the starship as a Torrent instead of a Starfire. It has not appeared in any other publications to date.[1]


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