"BB-8 Bandits" is the second episode of the first season of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. It first premiered on April 14, 2017 at Celebration Orlando and later released on July 4.[2] This episode takes place during Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens between the time BB-8 is rescued by Rey and then taken to Niima Outpost.[1]

Official description[]

Rey and BB-8 take off on a speeder to flee scavenger thugs who want to steal BB-8.[2]

Plot summary[]

Rey protecting BB-8 from Teedo.

Whilst preparing to take BB-8 to Niima Outpost, Rey notices that Teedo is observing them, at the same moment two bandits try to attack Rey, but she manages to escape onboard her speeder. As Rey escapes from the bandits they start to chase her across the desert. The bandits try to take her out, but Rey tricks the bandits and she's able to force the two of them to crash into each other's speeder bikes. After realizing that Teedo is the only one remaining, she comes up with a plan and tricks him into following her to the wreckage of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Once inside the wreckage, Rey's scheme goes exactly as planned and a nightwatcher worm attacks Teedo and eats his speeder. After seeing Teedo flee, Rey and BB-8 once again start on their path to Niima Outpost.


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