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"BB-8 and the Jungle Adventure - Chapter 1" is the first episode of the animated shorts series Star Wars Roll Out. It was first released August 9, 2019 on YouTube.[1]

Official description[]

In a new antenna-bending adventure, BB-8 tries to help his friends at the Resistance Base only to become lost deep in the jungle.[1]

Plot summary[]

In the opening credits, BB-8 and a Star Wars ball lead the way followed by Rey, Maz Kanata, Finn, Captain Phasma, two stormtroopers, Ben Solo, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and three porgs.

While the Resistance is maintaining up their base on D'Qar, their droids are cutting and digging through the jungle of the planet. BB-8 rolls past several Resistance pilots, ground crew, and droids including C-3PO, Nien Nunb, Pammich Nerro Goode, Bollie Prindel, Kaydel Ko Connix, and Vober Dand into the jungle to aid the other droids.

In a forest clearing, he stumbles upon a large blue labor droid digging a pit while a smaller hover droid shines a light over it. BB-8 tunnels his way out of the pit and encounters a four-legged orange droid flattening the earth. He also encounters a yellow heavy loader droid called B-U4D using a chain saw to chop trees. A GNK power droid called 4B-EG-6 stands in the background.

In an attempt to help, BB-8 tries to cut off a branch of a tree, but vines manage to grow over him and then he is suspended high in the air. Noticing his mishap, the other droids try to help free him and as they pull, the vine stretches and then catapults the BB unit far into the darkness of the jungle. The droids panic about BB-8's disappearance.

After his short, uncontrolled flight, BB-8 lands in a tree nest of long-necked birds, which peck him inquisitively. BB-8's fall down is long and meandering, including getting tasted by a giant plant for a moment. Even though the tiny droid reaches solid ground, his antenna is bent. Fortunately for him, a gray reptilian creature jumps out to meet him, giving him a good lick, straightening the antenna out. BB-8 is lost and frightened somewhere deep on D'Qar.


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