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"BB-8 and the Jungle Adventure - Chapter 2" is the second episode of the animated shorts series Star Wars Roll Out. It was first released August 16, 2019 on Youtube.[1]

Official descriptionEdit

BB-8 runs away from a strange shape-shifting beast that can mimic his appearance, only to get trapped in the sticky web of a giant spider-like creature.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

In the opening credits, BB-8 and a Star Wars ball lead the way followed by Rey, Maz Kanata, Finn, Captain Phasma, two stormtroopers, Ben Solo, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and three porgs.

Lost somewhere unknown in the jungles of the planet D'Qar, BB-8 meets a strange creature, which had first licked his round body, now curls up and rolls away into a patch of tall grass. Behind the droid, an imposter approaches, a complete replica of BB-8's likeness.

Meanwhile, he other droids, who got BB-8 lost in the first place have begun working together to save him. The group includes a large blue labor droid, a smaller torch droid, a four-legged orange droid, a yellow heavy loader droid called B-U4D and a GNK power droid called 4B-EG-6. The torch droid has produced a holographic map showing BB-8's location in the jungle, but it is clear he is far away from everyone else. Seeing this, the droids march forward, hell-bent on saving their rolling friend.

BB-8 inspects the look-alike, and it in turn tries to replicate BB-8's moves, keeping its cover. When BB-8 activates his lighter though, the imposter gets scared and reverts to its original form, shown to be the same strange creature the droid had met moments earlier. The creature then shows off its skills by morphing into a rock and then a plant. BB-8 becomes distressed from the situation and tries to flee. Unfortunetely for him, a spider-like creature stands in the way and he runs into it.

The rescue-attempting droids are on their way, but the deeper they venture, the scarier the jungle becomes.

BB-8 evades the spider creatures's attacks successfully for a while, but eventually, he is forced into a corner with no way out, and the creature captures him in a web.

The torch droid lets out a loud siren, signalling to the rest of the group that BB-8 is near. It even shows the holo-map again, to confirm this. The droids are very happy with the news and run forward enthusiastically.

When BB-8 is entangled in the creatures web, suspended between tall trees, he sees the shap-shifter has been captured as well.


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