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"Make it be still."
"Be still."
―Phasma and TN-3465[src]

BB-K8 was a black-plated BB-series astromech droid in the service of the First Order. The droid accompanied Captain Phasma and TN-3465 on their hunt for Lieutenant Sol Rivas. While on Luprora, BB-K8 was carried on the back on TN-3465 for part of the mission. The droid also helped TN-3465 to communicate with the Lupr'or. After Phasma killed Rivas, she also disintegrated BB-K8 and killed TN-3465 to cover up her role in the destruction of Starkiller Base.


Battle of Starkiller BaseEdit

"The BB droid was repairing my fighter. It's the whole reason I was stuck in the repair dock. No ability to shoot anyone down."
―BB-K8 was repairing TN-3465's TIE fighter during the Battle of Starkiller Base[src]

BB-K8 was stationed at Starkiller Base during the outbreak of the First Order–Resistance war. During the Battle of Starkiller Base, BB-K8 was stationed at an auxiliary hangar where he was tasked with repairing the TIE fighter pilot TN-3465's TIE/sf space superiority fighter. While in the process of performing a data update, Captain Phasma arrived and requisitioned TN-3465's fighter for a mission to hunt down for Lieutenant Sol Rivas, whom Phasma had framed for lowering Starkiller Base's deflector shield in an attempt to hide her own malfeasance. The trio left moments before Starkiller Base was destroyed as a result of the Resistance attack.[2]

Hunt for Sol RivasEdit

"The droid cannot handle the terrain without assistance. Use the straps and carry it."
―Captain Phasma ordering TN-3465 to carry BB-K8[src]

While pursuing Rivas' TIE/fo space superiority fighter through space, Captain Phasma discovered that their fighter's laser cannons were inoperable since BB-K8 had not completed repairs. Phasma kicked the droid in frustration. After Rivas' fighter ran out of fuel and landed on the remote planet of Luprora, BB-K8 followed Phasma and TN-3465 to the planet. Upon disembarking from their TIE/sf fighter, BB-K8 struggled to navigate through the rocky terrain. Phasma then ordered FN-3465 to fasten the droid with straps to her backpack and to carry him.[3]

The trio would spend four days on Luprora hunting for Rivas.[1] After Captain Phasma and TN-3465 sighted a nearby settlement, BB-K8 waded with the humans through a lake. Phasma was attacked by a tsw'ell monster but managed to kill the creature. BB-K8 and his human superiors then visited a village inhabited by humanoid Lupr'or. There, Captain Phasma and TN-3465 learn that Rivas had been captured by a fearsome native species called the R'ora, who had imprisoned Rivas in their stronghold.[3]

Assaulting the R'ora strongholdEdit

"Breeeee Breeeee"
"That's not what I said. Why would I say that?"
"Reeeeee Broop Reeee"
"Well, then you translated it wrong."
―BB-K8 and TN-3465 arguing about translating[src]

Later, Phasma and TN-3465 discovered an old Luprora starship that was laden with technology including jammers with the aid of their local guides Dar'en and Lupr'or girl. After returning to the Lupr'or village, TN-3465 enlisted BB-K8's services in translating her message into Lupre'en. However, the droid mistranslated "everyone" as men. TN-3465 scolded BB-K8 for mistranslating her words and told the droid to fix it. When BB-K8 protested in Binary, TN-3465 replied that she did not care if it made the droid look stupid. TN-3465 was interrupted by Captain Phasma who had donned her chromium armor, impressing the locals.[4]

After Captain Phasma gave a rousing speech urging the Lupr'or to fight the R'ora, BB-K8 displayed holographic schematics of the R'ora stronghold. Under Phasma's leadership, the R'ora used electric generators to electrocute the Tsw'ells inhabiting the lake.[4] The droid stayed behind while Phasma, TN-3465, and the Lupr'or assaulted the R'ora stronghold. Phasma managed to kill Rivas but TN-3465 learnt that she was responsible for lowering Starkiller Base's shields.[1]


"BB-K8? Captain... Why?"
―TN-3465 reacting with shock to Captain Phasma shooting BB-K8[src]

Following the elimination of Rivas, BB-K8 returned to their TIE/sf fighter. In order to hide her dark secret and eliminate any prospective witnesses, Phasma shot the droid with her blaster rifle, ripping a hole through the droids globular body and head. Phasma then killed TN-3465, killing the second person to know of her role in Starkiller Base's destruction. While returning to the First Order fleet, Phasma produced a fabricated report claiming that BB-K8 and TN-3465 had perished during the mission to eliminate Rivas for his alleged treason.[1]


"I don't care if it will make you look stupid. Just do it! And don't-- wait what are you--"
―TN-3465 haggling with BB-K8[src]

BB-K8 was a black BB unit who was programmed to repair starships including installing data updates.[2] The droid had a single red photoreceptor and was also equipped with grappling lines that allowed it to cling onto starship interiors while traveling. BB-K8 was unable to navigate over rocky terrain due to his globular chassis but was equipped with straps that allowed a bipedal being to carry it. BB-K8 appeared to be capable of wading through water.[3]

As an astromech droid, BB-K8 spoke Binary but could also understand Galactic Basic and Lupre'en. However, he mistook the Lupre'en word for "men" for "everyone"; irritating TN-3465. The droid also had a personality of its own and expressed embarrassment when TN-3465 told it to correct its mistake.[4] Despite their tense working relationship, TN-3465 was shocked and horrified when Captain Phasma shot the droid in order to cover up her role in Starkiller Base's destruction.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

BB-K8 first appeared in Star Wars: Captain Phasma, a 2017 four-issue comic published by Marvel Comics as part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi promotional material. It was created by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, and colored by Andres Mossa.



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