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"Right away, Governor. And may I say, you're looking particularly handsome today."
―A sample of a BD-3000's "flattery programming"[1]

The BD-3000 luxury droid, nicknamed the Bettie Bot,[4] was a versatile luxury attendant droid built by LeisureMech Enterprises.


A BD-3000.

The BD-3000 was modeled on an idealized female humanoid body shape. It was programmed with a basic linguistic database, which made it capable of speaking over a million languages, and a respectable language processor, though its translation capabilities were not up to par with a dedicated protocol droid. Droids of this series were intended to be used in a number of roles, being equipped with over 25 secondary functions, ranging from the technical (repulsorlift pilot) to the mundane (cook and tailor). In addition, BD-3000s were programmed with extensive personality matrices, allowing for a variety of droid personality profiles. Sophisticated vocabulator systems allowed the model to project a large number of sounds and voices, including presets described as "perky" and "sultry."

Onboard expansion slots allowed for user customization, with combat/bodyguard upgrades being common (although not strictly authorized). The droid's main selling point, however, was not its well-rounded feature set and broad capabilities. Rather, it was the droid's remarkable aesthetics—its sculpted curvature, gleaming and very well defined torso, and gyro-stabilized gait that mimicked a provocative hip swing.[1]


A BD-3000 during the senate hostage crisis.

Half a century before the Clone Wars, LeisureMech Enterprises began producing the BD-3000. However, the company cut corners on the hardware and software for the sake of what critics called "a triumph of style over substance".[1]

Because of their intended market, BD-3000 models were priced expensively, at roughly 25,000 credits. Despite this price, sales were common, especially among the wealthy social "elite" of Coruscant who regarded the shiny droids as status symbols. Many Senators were known to use the personal luxury droids as office aides, sometimes even bringing them to social functions, such as performances at the Galaxies Opera House.

The droids also found use in less-savory parts of society, where they functioned as escorts. Some were even fitted with fully-articulated lekku, capitalizing on the popularity of Twi'lek females.[1]

During the Clone Wars, a BD-3000 known as the Bettie-Bot VJ hosted a music program which broadcast across the galaxy. Her show was popular among the Republic's clone troopers, and she sometimes dedicated songs to particular units, such as the Mud-Jumpers of the 224th.[5] Another luxury droid was used as a cloaked decoy for Senator Padmé Amidala.[6]

After the fall of the Galactic Republic, BD-3000 droids become mostly unknown, thriving mainly in the criminal underworld where they often received radical modifications. Alderaanian royalty used them as servers until the world's destruction.[7] In the New Republic, surviving models worked odd jobs in the service industry.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

During photography, George Lucas decided that Bail Organa would be served by a sexy female-shaped attendant droid during scenes set in his office—a character that would also appear at the Galaxies Opera House. From this direction, Animation Supervisor Rob Coleman contacted the Art Department at Skywalker Ranch to request concept designs for this new animated character. On set when shooting, the droids were portrayed for motion capture by actor Christian Simpson to achieve the required height of 1.89 meters.

Lucas's directives described the droid as the automated equivalent of Bettie Page, and the droid design quickly earned the nickname "Bettybot". Though the scenes of Bail's offices were ultimately cut from the film, the droid still made an appearance in the film.



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