BFF-1 bulk freighters were freighters designed by Phylon Freight along with Aratech Repulsor Company, and built under contract by Damorian Manufacturing Corporation.


BFF-1 Isometric

A BFF-1 bulk freighter

At 120 meters in length, this craft was a standard medium-sized freighter that was common throughout the entire galaxy. It was low-cost, partly due to its lack of defensive armament, effective and capable of extremely long range bulk transport duties. The BFF-1 was designed to haul four Xizor Transport Systems Class-A cargo containers, attached in arrays of two on either side of the vessel's main hull, and modified into cheap yet capacious storage holds.



A BFF-1 docked on Nar Shaddaa

During the time of the Galactic Civil War, BFF-1s could be found in almost every container depot, cargo station, customs checkpoint, or shipping port in every sector. Considered easy targets by raiders because of their low sublight speed and lack of defensive weaponry, they often traveled in convoys defended by more combat-worthy starships.

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The BFFs in the first X-wing game were also used as hangars, bases, facilities, repair yards, 'platforms', and haulers. Since the introduction of a richer roster of ships and polygon models in the sequels, these tasks were given to a variety of specialized ships, and BFFs now have a proper freighter role.



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