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BG-J38 was Jabba's personal dejarik and hologames droid.


BG-J38 was a J9 worker drone manufactured by Roche Hive Mechanical Apparatus Design and Construction Activity for Those Who Need the Hive's Machines, a company founded by the Verpine which also produced the 8D8 series of droids and the 8D smelter droid. BG-J38 shared the torso and leg design with the 8D smelter droid.

He was used to provide entertainment for the Hutt and soon became one of Tatooine's best gamblers, often seen playing one of the slot machines at Jabba's Palace. He was unbeaten in almost every game, but never won a match against his master. After Jabba's death at the Great Pit of Carkoon BG-J38 disappeared to unknown parts.

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Behind the scenes[]

BG-J38 was sold by Hasbro as one of their "Build a Droid" figures.




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