The BI/a15 Picket Gun was a stationary automated auto-blaster produced by Atgar SpaceDefense Corporation to aid in the picket defense of bases poorly staffed or in areas incompatible with biological lifeforms. Equipped with a droid brain of limited capacity, the system was designed to detect any moving targets and, once located, either request permission to fire from a central command post or automatically fire upon it if it did not carry a broadcasting identification badge. The integrated comlink could transmit audio/visual data to a distance of five kilometers.[1]

The picket gun's sensor array was mounted on the left-hand side of the weapon and operated in the visual, infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum; it also contained a motion sensor and could track multiple targets at once. However the array only operated on a 45-degree arc, and while the entire gun could rotate a full 360 degrees if an individual was quick enough it could evade being detected.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This weapon was created by author Scot Eddy as part of the The Fantastic Technology Contest. Scot was awarded Honorable mention for his submission.



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