"Let's make this hurt."
Captain Phasma ordering Finn and Rose Tico to be executed via laser ax[src]

A BL-155 Laser ax was a type of ax[2] that was utilized by Executioner troopers.[3] It was designed to be used for issuing swift capital punishment via beheading.[source?] The axe consisted of four pairs of monomolecular energy ribbons, meant to cause severe pain upon executing victims.[1]

During the Attack on the Resistance fleet, Resistance agents Finn, Rose, and the smuggler DJ were captured during their infiltration of the Supremacy. Captain Phasma called in executioner troopers wielding laser axes to execute Finn and Rose after DJ traded Resistance intel for his freedom. However, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo sacrificed herself and the Raddus to cripple the Supremacy before the prisoners could be executed[4]

During the rescue of Tamara Ryvora, aboard a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, Kazuda Xiono was wrestling with an executioner when Jarek Yeager used a stormtrooper's F-11D blaster rifle to shoot down the executioner, allowing Kaz to make off with their ax. Soon after, within the hangar, Commander Pyre wielded an ax as he advanced on Kaz who, pinned down by a box, struggled to reach his ax. Before Pyre could kill Kaz, CB-23 used her grappling cable to grab his ax. Pyre attacks CB with his laser ax and struck her down, causing her to short circuit. However, Kaz struck him from behind with another laser ax, knocking out the Commander.[5]

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