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The BLX General labor droid was built in a humanoid bipedal configuration and had photoreceptors and auditory pickups made for standard wavelengths. The BLX had a slow reaction time and walk cycle but possessed formidable strength and was nearly unbeatable in terms of stamina.

A BLX labor droid at work

BLX droids did not specialize in anything, but functioned well in zero-G, where their magnetic footpads allowed them to cling to the hulls of starships and their metal shells held up against extreme temperatures or hits from micrometeorites. They were widely used on shipyards such as Fondor and Kuat. The original BLX series made by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. had an uneven head and arms that dangled below the unit's knees, but later models, such as the BLX NV, had more Human-like proportions. It was only a little more complex than a standard model ASP-7 labor droid, its cut above this model being its slightly better cognitive circuits and more versatile vocabulator.

Though BLX labor droids were not very remarkable when given regular memory wipes, their behavioral circuitry matrices could create an acute level of self-awareness, if allowed to accumulate life experience. Many BLX droids developed personalities. These units often befriended their owners, who spared them from the smelting chambers.

Bollux, also known as BLX-5, was the most well-known of the BLX series.



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