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This article is about the LEP-series service droid nicknamed "Bunny". You may be looking for the species.

"I am BNI-393, an LEP servant droid. My master called me Bunny."
―BNI-393, revealing who she is to D-Squad[1]

BNI-393 was an LEP-series service droid who served within the naval forces of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Nicknamed Bunny by her master, BNI-393 was stationed aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer the Renown at some point in the war, where she served alongside several other Republic droids in the warship's maintenance.


Around 20 BBY, BNI-393 served aboard the Renown when the Star Destroyer was captured by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, where the droid's master was killed by Separatist battle droids alongside the rest of the Republic crew. As a result, BNI-393 and multiple other surviving droids had to hide from the Confederacy.


"Bunny" addresses D-Squad

When a squad of Republic droids led by Colonel Meebur Gascon boarded the Star Destroyer, BNI-393 was able to locate the squad and inform them of the Confederacy's intentions with the warship. As a result, the LEP service droid and Gascon's squad managed to prevent the confederate government's destruction of the Republic space station Valor during a military strategy conference. However, BNI-393 was able to escape the Star Destroyer before its destruction and returned to the Republic.


An LEP-series service droid,[1] stood at 1.26 meters in height.[2] The droid also retained blue-colored plating alongside yellow sensors.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

BNI-393 was introduced in "Point of No Return," the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series,[3] which aired on January 12, 2013.[4]



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