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"I am BNI-393, an LEP servant droid. My master called me Bunny."
―BNI-393, revealing who she is to D-Squad.[src]

BNI-393 was an LEP servant droid with a feminine personality who was nicknamed Bunny. She served the Galactic Republic's Navy during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the war, BNI-393 was stationed on board a Venator-class Star Destroyer when the ship was captured by the Separatists and all of the crew killed. BNI-393 and several other droids survived the takeover and hid from the Separatist droids that took control of the Star Destroyer. The Separatists then filled the ship with rhydonium in a plan to use it to destroy the Republic space station Valor, in the Carida system. When D-Squad, a squad of Republic droids led by Meebur Gascon, boarded the ship they were found by the surviving droid crew including BNI-393. Together the two sets of Republic droids managed to foil the Separatist plan to destroy the space station, with BNI-393 being among the survivors who managed to escape the Star Destroyer before its destruction and return to Republic forces.[1]

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