The BR-23 Courier was a durable personnel transport and courier ship that served in Galactic Republic fleets and militias. After finding the market for TIE/LN starfighters enormously more profitable due to the Empire's swift move away from transports like the BR-23, Sienar partially refitted its large back stock of BR-23s with civilian-grade systems and dumped them onto the open market. These inexpensive craft, which were easy to repair, proved to be a boon of profit for Sienar.

While most of Sienar's surplus stock found its way into the freighter market, the BR-23 also saw use in cut-rate shuttle services and employment as personal skiffs. After leaving military service the BR-23 proved to be popular among courier services, small-time shipping agents, and a good number of smugglers. In the case of the Rebellion, they made it a general policy to acquire these ships wherever they could find them as they could be easily re-converted to their original troop transport duties.

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