"Please omit unnecessary details, my dear! Recording circuits are open!"
―Mistress Mnemos[src]

Lacking the ability to move, the BRT supercomputer was, strictly speaking, not a droid, but rather a self-aware artificial intelligence module.


BRTs were quite possibly the most advanced supercomputers ever constructed. They were designed to operate on a planetary scale, capable of being hooked into millions of networks and mainframes. Its consciousness was generated by a supercomputer that takes the space of an average-sized room, and was typically more powerful than the entire combined networking system of most Outer Rim Territories worlds.[1]


"Albert" on Esseles.

Initial research into BRT's started over a thousand years BBY by the Aratech Repulsor Company, but was hindered by problems with the G0-T0 infrastructure planning system droids following the time of the Jedi Civil War and progress moved slowly over many centuries. Finally, in 200 BBY, the BRT supercomputer was released with much fanfare, having been marketed as municipal planners to many Core Worlds.[1]

BRTs were short-lived however. Due to their flawless management of planetary systems such as traffic control, power regulation, waste disposal, and emergency management, many government employees found their jobs suddenly obsolete. This caused much anti-droid sentiment to develop on planets with BRT systems. Within several years, most BRTs had been dismantled.[1]

During this time, the directors of the library on Obroa-skai bought several BRTs, at a significant discount, to help them sort and maintain the massive amounts of data in their archives. The branch library on the world of Fusai nicknamed their BRT unit Mistress Mnemos and she developed a very strict and ostentatious demeanor.[1]

Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Obroa-skai cut funding for the Fusai branch library and not long after the Rebel Alliance established a presence on the world and made use of Mistress Mnemos.[1]



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