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"You seen that new VT-16?"
"Yeah, some of the other guys were telling me about it. They say it's… it's quite a thing to see…"
KE-829 and his partner aboard the first Death Star[3]

The BT-16 perimeter droid, also known as the VT-16, was a bulbous, spider-like droid manufactured by Arakyd Industries.


A BT-16 "B'omarr walker" in Jabba's palace.

The BT-16 came equipped with highly sensitive sensor packages, including a Fabritech seismic reader and a Carbanti motion detector. It was armed with a Taim & Bak repeating blaster cannon. The droid also featured a TranLang I Communication module and a vocabulator, though it was only able to speak droid languages.


"A fanatical religious organization that believed they could achieve true enlightenment by having their brains surgically removed and placed into spider droid bodies."
Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt, about the B'omarr Monks.[src]

These droids were used by the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire.

Early production runs reused the chassis of the TS-Arach series Pest Control Droid before the six-legged design was introduced. The B'omarr Monks used these droids to carry brains of those who had achieved "enlightenment" and for this they were sometimes called Brain walkers.[4] The droids were occasionally equipped with vocoders, and lived in Jabba Desilijic Tiure's Palace until his death. The walkers generally went unarmed while carrying a brain, and had trouble doing anything beside walking.

One of the modified B'omarr version, seemingly without a brain, was present on Jib Kopatha's home, Void Station, in 0 ABY.

Behind the scenes[]

It is revealed in the non-canon story Tag & Bink Are Dead that Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna are the two stormtroopers who mention the BT-16 in the conversation posted above. However, as the story itself is non-canon, so is this information.

In Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids, the picture of the BT-16 is a mirrored version of the TS-Arach series Pest Control Droid image from the same guide. The New Essential Guide to Droids established that early BT-16's reused the TS-Arach body, before the new design seen in the movie was introduced.

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