BU-11 was a BU-series bartender droid that worked in Ziro's Palace during the Clone Wars.


The droid had black and blue plating with Ziro the Hutt's mark painted on his chest and a bow-tie around his neck.


In 21 BBY, he was seen serving drinks in Ziro's Palace together with R2-C2, when Senator Padmé Amidala went to see the Hutt. Amidala wanted Ziro to talk to Jabba the Hutt, the nephew of Ziro. Jabba's son, Rotta was kidnapped by the Separatists, but Count Dooku, leader of the CIS made it look like the Republic had captured Rotta. Jabba had now cut of all communications with the Republic, which meant that the Republic Army could not move through Hutt Space. Amidala thought that by talking to Ziro, she could explain the situation to him, so that Jabba would understand. She didn't know Ziro was part of the plot, and she was imprisoned by him. Ziro wanted to kill her, but Amidala managed to contact C-3PO, who alerted the Republic which sent a squad of clone troopers to free the Senator, and Ziro was taken into captivity.



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