BX-778, abbreviated BX or Beex, was a class 3 culinary septic droid with masculine programming, that belonged to Han Solo and his wife Leia Organa.

Biography[edit | edit source]

BX-778 was a culinary septic droid owned by Han Solo and his wife Leia Organa when they lived on Chandrila two years after the end of the Galactic Civil War. He was programmed to be an expert gourmet chef, able to cook more than fifteen thousand different styles of cuisine, which he was quite enthusiastic about. He had an affinity and obsession for making caf, and was often brewing and/or offering it to his masters and their guests, even after being told not to or when no one asked him to. He would describe in detail every step of his caf-making process and the ingredients he used.[1]

Around 7 ABY, the Solos' protocol droid who normally took the role of nanny, T-2LC, left BX in charge of caring for two-year old Ben Solo while attending to an errand for Leia Organa. BX felt he was not remotely equipped for the many household tasks, and childcare was number one of those since his servile programming conflicted with projecting authority as a caregiver. When he scolded Ben for running around with a power drill, Ben began wailing and crying, and BX didn't know how to console him except by making him caf. BX was interrupted by the activation of Phylanx Redux Transmitter's kill virus which overrode his programming to force him to kill organics. The infected BX considered killing Ben via decapitation with his knife arm and approached Ben with the arm extended, but Han destroyed the transmitter and freed BX from the mandate to kill before any harm was done. BX was left confused and unable to recall why he'd left the kitchen with his arm out; Ben was not aware of what had almost transpired and continued quietly crying as before. BX assumed he'd experienced a programming glitch and resumed making caf for the toddler.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"I just wanted to make up someone who was as excited about coffee as I am"
―Daniel José Older[src]

BX-778 first appeared in the 2018 Star Wars novel Last Shot written by Daniel José Older.[1]

A fan on Twitter used the hashtag "#bringkitchendroidback" as a play on[2] the trending "#BringBenSoloBack" hashtag, which was part of a fan campaign protesting Solo's death in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.[3] Older responded that the "kitchen droid" BX-778 was the last of his Star Wars characters he expected to inspire a hashtag,[2] and revealed he created the character out of a desire to invent someone who was as excited about coffee as himself.[4]

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