"Ship is letting you track it?"
"When it's above the canopy, we have a heat signature. When it's in the jungle, we have a damage path. As long as Ship is moving, we can track it."
―Rhea and Walusari[src]

Baad Walusari was a male Keshiri Sith Saber in the Lost Tribe of Sith from the planet of Kesh. In 43.5 ABY, he was chosen by Grand Lord Darish Vol and Lady Olaris Rhea to be a member of the Sith strike team sent to recover Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere, and hunt down Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. The strike team tracked Ship to a planet in the Maw, where the Meditation Sphere eventually returned to them. Ship then transported Walusari and the strike team to Sinkhole Station in the Maw. There, they ambushed Skywalker and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker. During the battle, Sith Master Yuvar Xal attempted to execute a coup to take over command of the strike team from Rhea, but Walusari and Rhea's apprentice, Vestara Khai, foiled his betrayal. Khai then murdered Xal, but Walusari was killed by the Skywalkers.


"A thousand meters at bearing one sixty from you. Ship just crossed the river and seems to be headed for the shuttle clearing."
―Walusari, alerting the search party of Ship's presence[src]

Kesh, Baad Walusari's homeworld

Baad Walusari was a Force-sensitive male Keshiri from the remote[1] Wild Space[3] planet of Kesh. He was trained in the ways of the dark side of the Force with the Lost Tribe of Sith—descendants of a group of Sith who had been stranded on the planet during the days of the Sith Empire—and achieved the rank of Sith Saber.[1] In 41 ABY, Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere, arrived on the planet and began to help the Tribe form an armada. Two years later, the Tribe felt Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker's presence in the Force after he touched an Aing-Tii relic, the Codex. Shortly after, Ship abruptly left Kesh, following a call through the Force.[2] Walusari was then chosen by Grand Lord Darish Vol and Lady Olaris Rhea to be a member of the strike team whose mission was to recover Ship and eliminate Skywalker.[1]

The strike team, led by Rhea, operated aboard the warship Eternal Crusader. They tracked Ship to a planet in the Maw, and Rhea led a search party down to the surface, leaving the Eternal Crusader in orbit. However, rather than leaving it under the command of her executive officer, Sith Master Yuvar Xal, Rhea left Walusari in charge of the vessel, as she trusted the Sith Saber more than Xal. As the Sith searched vainly for Ship, Walusari attempted to find the Meditation Sphere using the Eternal Crusader's sensors. The search party suffered several fatalities from the planet's deadly plant-life, but they soon made contact with Abeloth, a being who was able to control the planet's flora and fauna. She agreed to help the Sith, although it was actually her call that had drawn Ship there, and her will that was preventing Ship from returning to the Sith.[1]

Rhea finally decided that they should simply leave and go on to the task of eliminating Skywalker, but Walusari suddenly got a sensor lock on Ship. The search party resumed the hunt for the Meditation Sphere, but the chase continued with no success. Several shuttles from the Eternal Crusader brought down more and more of the crew, including Walusari, until there was no one left aboard the warship. Abeloth, however, had recently discovered that Skywalker and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker, were at Sinkhole Station, a space station in the Maw. She finally allowed Ship to return to the Tribe, and the Meditation Sphere transported the surviving Sith to Sinkhole Station.[1]


―Yuvar Xal, giving the order to attack the Skywalkers[src]

Luke Skywalker, target of the Sith strike team

Rhea ordered Walusari, along with Rhea's apprentice, Vestara Khai, to keep a watch on Xal and his apprentice, Ahri Raas, as she expected them to attempt to betray her during the battle. Walusari, along with Khai, Xal, and Raas, hid behind the hatches at a junction chamber that the Skywalkers would have to pass in order to reach their ship, the Jade Shadow, in the station's hangar. After the Jedi escaped the first confrontation, Rhea commed the four Sith to tell them that the Skywalkers were heading their way. Seeing their targets approach with lightsabers and blasters in hand, Khai and Walusari opened their hatches and each tossed a pair of grenades at the Jedi. Xal chose this moment to initiate his coup, and he and Raas pushed the explosives back into Khai's and Walusari's hatches before throwing their own stun grenades at the Skywalkers.[1]

Rhea had anticipated this move, however, and had provided Walusari and Khai with false grenades to throw first. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker—who had escaped the effects of the stun grenades—pretended to be incapacitated by the blast. Raas moved forward to apprehend him but was distracted by Xal's cry of pain and surprise as the Sith Master was killed by Khai's shikkar, and the Jedi quickly killed Raas. Walusari was the next to act, throwing a pair of fragmentation grenades at the Jedi, but the younger Skywalker pushed the grenades back into his hatch and shut the hatch down on his arm. Unable to escape in time, Walusari was killed by the grenades.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Crusader. You have our position?"
―Rhea and Walusari[src]

Baad Walusari was strong-willed and brave, as these were criteria for being chosen as a member of the strike team. He was also loyal to Rhea. She trusted him in return, as shown when she decided to leave the Eternal Crusader under his command rather than Xal's, as well as when she ordered him to keep a watch on Xal during the battle with the Skywalkers.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Walusari learned the ways of the dark side of the Force on Kesh with the Lost Tribe of Sith. By 43 ABY, he had completed his training and had ascended to the rank of Sith Saber. He was a skilled combatant, as he was chosen to be a member of the strike team sent to eliminate Luke Skywalker.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Baad Walusari was created by Troy Denning for his 2009 novel, Fate of the Jedi: Abyss, the third novel in the Fate of the Jedi series.


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