"But your papers indicate that only 20 cubic meters of spice is aboard your vessel. I'm just eyeing it but I'll guess there are at least 22 cubic meters. I suggest you recalculate your load or else you could be found guilty of defrauding the Imperial Office of Customs."
―Babel Torsch[src]

Babel Torsch was the Imperial Customs office head in the Minos Cluster. He was known as a by-the-book customs official with no tolerance for the slightest infraction.


Babel Torsch proved himself to the Empire early in his career as a bureaucrat. He then held a position as an advisor to the consular general of Adarlon, but after targeting the Holo Industry and having many entertainers blacklisted, industry interests blackmailed his superiors into letting him go.

Babel was retrained an appointed as the head of the Imperial Customs office in the Minos Cluster where he excelled at his job of uncovering hidden Rebel agents and corrupt Imperial officers.

Personality and traitsEdit

Babel Torsch was an egotistical, by-the-books kind of official. He would not tolerate a single infraction and was immune to bribery. Physically he was pudgy and dark-skinned.

Behind the scenesEdit

While his last name is spelled "Torsch" in the stat box, the describing texts repeatedly spells it "Torsh". In Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy, Babel Torsh is the boss of ISB investigator Cha Raas who operated in the Minos cluster.


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