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"Lando. Okay. You can go. Take the Millennium Falcon. We can spare it for a little while. I have to stay here to try to find a way to save the fleet."
Leia Organa[2]

Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine was location in space used for the regrouping of the scattered Alliance to Restore the Republic forces during the Galactic Civil War[1] in 3 ABY[3] following the Galactic Empire's devastating attack on Echo Base, the Rebellion's base of operations constructed on the planet Hoth.[4]

After the Millennium Falcon's escape from Cloud City, the starship joined the Alliance's Fourth Division, which gathered at the rendezvous point after being nearly destroyed by an Imperial attack at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three. At the time, Lando Calrissian speculated that they could be what remained of the Alliance Fleet.[1] Afterwards, Luke Skywalker had his lost hand replaced by a robotic one on[4] the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Redemption at the rendezvous point.[5]

Gathered at the rendezvous point were several T-65B X-wing starfighters, BTL Y-wing starfighters, and GR-75 medium transports,[4] alongside two EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, including the Redemption, the Millennium Falcon, as well as at least three CR90 corvettes.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

The rendezvous point, as depicted in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

The rendezvous point first appeared in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, the second installment of the Star Wars original trilogy.[4] The location remained unidentified in canon until the release of Star Wars (2020) 1 in 2020, which gave the name "Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine." However, in Star Wars Legends, the rendezvous point was codenamed and identified in 1996 as "Haven."[6] In the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short "Clash on Cloud City," the rebel ships gathered at the rendezvous point are depicted to be leaving it through hyperspace.[7]


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