"Hey, you kidnap a guy and take him on a suicide mission, you can't expect good humor."
―Baco Par to Laynara.[src]

Baco Par was an extremely talented lockbreaker who was counted among the galaxy's best prior to his retirement. For a time, he served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but he was eventually considered to be an "inactive agent"—a euphemism that was used to describe those who the organization didn't want anymore.


After being discharged, Baco lived in a house located in an arid region of an unknown planet. He rarely woke up early in the day, save for the second time that his house, littered with junk and empty bottles, caught fire.

One day, while he lay passed out and drunk on the floor of his house, Wyl Tarson kidnapped Baco. After he woke up, Baco continually grumbled to Tarson and his companion Laynara, but did not (or could not) back out of the "mysterious mission to help the Rebellion" that Tarson had "recruited" him for. Much to his dismay, Baco discovered that there were no alcoholic beverages aboard the ship.

Before reaching their ultimate destination, Tarson needed to make one more stop, which took a few days to reach. After landing, the trio made their way through the rain to an opening in a defunct transport. They were greeted by the sight of many wooden carvings of a woman and a boy. This caused Baco to question the sanity of whoever made the carvings. He then he found himself at the wrong end of a lightsaber, which was held by their unwilling host.

After his life was saved by the quick thinking of Tarson and Laynara, Baco learned that Tarson and their assailant, whose name was Darca Nyl, had known each other a while back. With their "psychotic new team member" along for the ride, Baco, Tarson and Laynara departed for the planet Ahakista.

The day after they arrived, at a briefing on the mission, Baco finally learned what would be required of him. His role was simple: crack open a blast door that was reputed to have been equipped with the Empire's best locking system so that he and his teammates could infiltrate and destroy The Hub.

Baco accompanied the rest of the team to the underground tunnels that led to the hub where they soon found the door Baco was to crack. The stress from tunnels' dangers as well as the battle beginning above and all of the danger he'd been put through up to this point finally got to Baco, and he pulled a blaster on Tarson. Laynara managed to talk him down, however, and Baco began working on the door. Proving his skills, Baco was able to get it open. His moment of triumph was short lived, though, as a squad of stormtroopers arrived and shot him. Realizing that he didn't have long to live, Baco made Tarson promise him he would get the intel from The Hub to the Rebellion. He stayed behind to hold off the troopers, closing the doors behind Tarson and Laynara.



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