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Bacrana was the sector capital of Brak sector at the height of the New Order.


Bacrana had its capital at Amma, which was the site of a strong Rebel Alliance cell following the decisive Battle of Yavin. The Imperial Moff in charge, a man named Lesan Ramier, swiftly put down the insurrection and placed Amma under martial law. The Imperials managed to capture an important Rebel agent on Bacrana, though the agent was eventually rescued from detention by three Rebel squads.

The Galactic Empire developed the planet—along with Cyrillia and Gyndine—into a staging area for transport fleets and military units. By 4 ABY, the planet had become an Imperial fortress world. The Empire abandoned the planet the same year, after the liberation of Druckenwell. The planet joined the New Republic sometime between 4 ABY and 9 ABY. It was a New Republic stronghold during the Thrawn campaign.[3]



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