The Bacrana System Defense Force was the combined military and navy of the Bacrana system. The force was organized around the planet Bacrana and was originally loyal to the Galactic Empire before Imperial officials in the system began to abuse the local citizens. When several thousand protesters aligned on the capital city of Amma, the BSDF refused to disperse the crowd. Moff Lesan Ramier was forced to gather his own forces to route the belligerent crowd. As a result, the Moff ordered for the BDSF to cease all activities. The leader of the group, Trep Reskan decided to refuse the order, and he moved nearly the entire Defense Force to the Tel system. From their new location, the Defense Force began to run a guerrilla campaign against Moff Ramier. The operations were so successful that the Alliance to Restore the Republic eventually contacted Reskan to ask for the group to join the larger Alliance. The entire Defense Force agreed to the Alliance's proposal, and the BDSF allied themselves with the larger organization.



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