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Luke Skywalker wearing a bacta mask

"The bacta are growing well. Those scars should be gone in a day or so."
―2-1B removing Luke Skywalker's bacta mask[src]

A bacta mask was a mask infused with bacta that was used to heal facial injuries. One such device was used by 2-1B on Luke Skywalker after he sustained a wampa attack prior to the Battle of Hoth.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

An image of the bacta mask from a deleted scene

The bacta mask used to heal Luke Skywalker appeared in filmed but unused scenes from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[2] Still photos from the scene have appeared in various places, and were the basis for the scene's inclusion in the Marvel Comics' adaptation of the film.[1]

The term "bacta mask" was not officially used in Star Wars Legends sources until the 2010 article "The Empire Strikes Fact!"



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