Bad Pet was a painting[2] created after 104 ABY[1] depicting a rampage by four rancors inside an Imperial hangar containing Lambda-class T-4a shuttles and a Star Destroyer. The most prominent rancor in the image stood in front of a ruined TIE/LN starfighter while holding another TIE fighter above their head, with one of the fighter's wings missing and the other crushed to pieces.[2]

In the background, one rancor pursued a pair of fleeing stormtroopers near the wreckage of another TIE/LN starfighter, while two other rancors tore a Lambda shuttle apart. In the painting's foreground, the[2] Sith Lord[3] Darth Vader pointed up towards the prominent rancor while facing a crowd of stormtroopers and an Imperial officer.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Bad Pet appeared in "Celestia Galactica Photografica," a collection of in-universe illustrations by Ryan Church included in Star Wars: Visionaries, a 2005 graphic novel edited by Jeremy Barlow.[2]



Notes and references[]

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