"The area we're headed is extremely hostile, so always keep your eyes on the water."
―Fennec Shand, to Hunter and Wrecker[2]

"Bad Territory" is the eighth episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode premiered on March 20, 2024.[1]

Official description[]

Desperate for intel, Hunter and Wrecker track down a dangerous bounty hunter.

Plot summary[]

The M-count puzzle[]

On Pabu island's Archium, Omega grumbles about having to lay low after the escape from Teth. She wants to help Echo and Rex but Crosshair reassures Omega that she is helping them by staying away. Hunter agrees with saying they have to find out why Royce Hemlock is after that and what his M-count experiments mean. He tells Omega that she has to lay low. Wrecker tells them that they have an incoming transmission from Phee Genoa.

When Crosshair asks who is Phee, Omega explains that she is a liberator and pirate. Omega strokes Batcher. Later inside the Marauder, Genoa briefs the Bad Batch about what she has learnt about the enigmatic M-count. While she has not found out what it stands for, Genoa tells that she has learnt that class-one bounty hunters have been retrieving M-count targets for the Empire. Genoa suggests asking a bounty Hunter what an M-count is.

Hunter mentions they have run into several bounty hunters. When Omega mentions Fennec Shand, Crosshair asks who she is. Hunter explains that Shand is a bounty hunter who was hired by the Kaminoans to capture Omega. While she is dangerous, Hunter thinks she could be helpful. Genoa offers to help track down Shand but warns it will be costly before departing. Wrecker doesn't trust Shand. Hunter says that he and Wrecker will go and find Shand while Omega and Crosshair stay behind on Pabu. Omega protests but Hunter says the decision is final. Before leaving, he tells Omega to convince Crosshair to get his hand injury treated.

Bargaining with Fennec Shand[]

Hunter and Wrecker travel on the Marauder to a space station that is frequented by outlaws and bounty hunters. Hunter tells Wrecker to be careful what they tell Shand, adding the less she knows the better. A brawl breaks out among the patrons. The two clones find Shand haggling with a Rodian at a table. The two clones force the Rodian to suspend negotiations before meeting with Shand, who recognizes them from a past attempt to capture Omega.

When Shand asks about Omega, Hunter tells her that they are seeking information. Shand says that it will be costly before telling the Rodian to wait outside. Getting down to business, Shand tells them to tell her what information or target they are after, and she will give them a price. Hunter assist about the Empire's bounty for M-count targets. While Shand is not involved in these hunts, she says she knows another bounty Hunter who hunts for M-count targets. Though it is costly, she suggests they can work something out.

Knowing Wrecker's expertise for demolitions and ordnance and Hunter's tracking skills, she offers to provide the information in return for helping her to capture a target. Hunter agrees to the deal. Shand also sets other terms including using her starship and keeping the target and reward.

Crosshair’s hand[]

Back on Pabu, AZI-345211896246498721347 examines Crosshair’s hand but says he is unable to treat it. He suggests the ailment may be something psychological rather than physical. AZI-3 says that if Crosshair could elaborate more about the experiments he was subjected to, he could help. Crosshair is unwilling to live through past trauma and storms out of the meeting to Omega’s dismay.

Working for Fennec[]

While traveling aboard Fennec Shand's starship, Wrecker questions why they are working for Shand despite not trusting her. Hunter says they have no choice since they need the information about M-counts. Hunter warns Wrecker to be ready for anything. Shortly later, Fennec exits the cockpit and tells the clones that she will honor her side of the bargain if they keep theirs. She briefs the clones about their target: Sylar Saris, a member of Yam'rii subspecies. known as the "Slayer of Ordo Eris." Shand says they got a tip on his location. When Wrecker asks what Saris did, Shand explains he got greedy and killed two top bosses for the Haxion Brood and stole a cache of credits. Shand says that the other hunters that went after Saris never returned. Shand says Sylar knows the planet at the back of his claw but adds that everyone’s luck eventually runs out.

The clones and Shand travel to a polluted orange world where people have to wear breath masks outdoors. Disembarking, Shand speaks to a DUM-series pit droid and requests a sturdy boat that won’t capsize unlike the last time she visited. The pit droid loans them a skiff for ten credits. The trio travel through a river in search of Saris’ safe house, which is located upriver. Shand tasks Hunter with searching for Saris’ safe house and Wrecker with keeping a watch for danger.

Venturing upriver, they find their path blocked by dozens of mines. At Shand's request, Hunter and Wrecker step into the murky waters to check their path ahead. Wrecker suggests going around the mines but Shand says that Saris wants them to do that and will be setting a trap. She proposes that they disarm each of the mines. Wrecker says it is risky but Shand reminds them of their bargain. The two clones split up and proceed to disable the mines.

Past trauma[]

Back on Pabu, Crosshair attempts target practice but is unsatisfied with being unable to hit the target. Omega tries to encourage him but Crosshair insists on perfection. Omega says that AZI might be right in saying that his incarceration at Tantiss Base has affected him. Omega expresses hope that Crosshair will recover the use of his hand and suggests that he is the one who has to fix it. Omega tells Crosshair to trust her while Batcher watches in the background. Crosshair grumbles but reluctantly agrees to try out Omega’s plan.

Reptile trouble[]

Meanwhile, Hunter and Wrecker manage to disable the last remaining mines but the group is attacked by several large crocodile-like reptiles. Shand manages to shoot several of the pack and the clones climb aboard the skiff. One of the reptiles grabs Hunter and drags him back into the water. Wrecker helps Hunter to fight off the creature. The trio flee aboard their skiff and travel upriver. They are attacked by another reptile but Wrecker throws it under their skiff. Shand remarks this is why she never goes underwater.

Continuing their journey at night, Saris's trail goes cold. With Hunter unable to track the fugitive, Shand questions the clones’ ability. Wrecker counters that Omega was able to evade her, prompting Shand to respond that they had trouble finding Omega. When Shand asks what happened to Omega, Hunter asks why she is interested in Omega. Shand says that the information must be so important to them that they are willing to work for her given their past.

Manhunt and capture[]

Shand also says that she did not lose Omega but that her client called off the bounty on the grounds that she would be safer with the Bad Batch. When Shand mocks their ability to protect Omega, Wrecker responds that Shand is motivated by money. Shand says that she accepts jobs from anyone who can pay. When Hunter says there is more to life than money. Shand mocks him for his lack of money.

Hunter picks up a trail and tells Shand to move the skiff on its starboard side. Continuing their journey along the river, they spot a structure on the river bank. Shand sends the clones to scout the area while she stays behind to keep watch. Wrecker remarks that she is taking the reward while they take all the risks. Shand agrees with Wrecker’s assessment of their business relationship.

Hunter climbs up a treehouse but is ambushed by Sylar Saris. The two engage in physical combat. Saris gains the upper hand until Wrecker arrives. Cornered, Saris flees into a trapdoor that seemingly leads underground. When Shand leaves the skiff to aid the clones, Saris sneaks aboard the vehicle and tries to escape. However, Shand had disabled the cable to the rear engines. Shand confronts Saris and tries to stun the Yam'rii. The stun blast bounces off his thick exoskeleton. He leaps over Shand and throws her into the water.

Saris attempts to flee but is attacked by Wrecker, who wrestles with him. Saris manages to temporarily blind the clone by spitting on his helmet. Before he can flee, he is stunned by Hunter and Shand, who fire several shots. Wrecker remarks that Shand was right to bring them along. Shand replies that she is always right and the group depart with their incapacitated fugitive.


Back on Pabu, Omega leads Crosshair in meditating by the sea. Batcher rests nearby. Crosshair is skeptical but agrees to give it a go. Both sit cross legged and breathe deeply. Omega tells Crosshair that she learnt meditation from the Wookiee Jedi Gungi and his people. When Crosshair asks if she has been to Kashyyyk, she says he has missed a lot. Omega tells Crosshair to close his eyes and focus.

Changing the terms[]

Back at the space station, Hunter asks Shand to honor her side of the agreement. Shand says she doesn’t have information about the M-count after all but will find out after she delivers Saris to her clients. Hunter says that’s not what she initially promised. Shand tells Hunter and Wrecker to either trust or fight her. They decide to trust and wait for Shand to get back in touch. Shand departs aboard her starship.

Once inside her starship's cockpit, Shand activates the holoprojector and tells an unidentified figure that she finished a job with some clones who were interested in the Empire’s M-count bounties. The figure mutters in some inaudible language. Shand replies that she is sure they can track the clones down easily and says she will send what information she has.


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