"Vader's authority has passed to us, bounty hunter."
―Baddon Fass, to Boba Fett[src]

Baddon Fass was a male Dark Jedi and a member of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Elite. In 10 ABY, he was dispatched with fellow darksider Zasm Katth to the moon of Nar Shaddaa on a mission to locate the Millennium Falcon, the starship belonging to New Republic heroes, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. After failing to recruit bounty hunter Boba Fett to help them in that task and being unable to kill the Jedi Vima-Da-Boda, who was hiding on the moon, Fass and Katth returned to their the Star Destroyer Invincible in an attempt to intercept the Falcon as it was leaving Nar Shaddaa. Attempting to catch the ship with a tractor beam, the darksiders set it on full power. However, they instead pulled the massive Traffic Control spire into the Star Destroyer, piercing it through and causing it to crash and be destroyed, killing the Dark Jedi.


"No—you fool! You've locked onto the guidance tower! You're pulling it out of the ground! DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE—!"
―Zasm Kath, to Baddon Fass[src]

A male individual, Baddon Fass was a Dark Side Adept in service of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine[2] A veteran darksider of Palpatine's rule,[3] and one of his most valued servants,[4] Fass was admitted into the ranks of the Dark Side Elite,[2] a selected cadre of Dark Jedi created upon[5] Palpatine's return in a clone body.[6] When the Emperor was defeated again,[7] and the Empire waited for his return, the leader of the Dark Side Elite, Executor Sedriss QL assumed command of the Imperial forces, launching Operation Shadow Hand.[5]

As part of that operation, Fass and fellow darksider Zasm Katth were dispatched[2] in 10 ABY[1] to the moon Nar Shaddaa with the Star Destroyer Invincible[2] on a multiple-objective mission. They were ordered to make contact with the bounty hunter Boba Fett to recruit him on a search for the Millennium Falcon, the starship of famed New Republic heroes, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. Fass and Katth were also required to report on any sightings of the Falcon to Sedriss and were ordered to eliminate the Jedi woman Vima-Da-Boda.[8]

While they were stationed aboard the Invincible, Fass and Katth witnessed the Falcon arriving on the moon. They attempted to lock onto it with a tractor beam, but the vessel slipped away and took hiding in the mazelike alleys of the Duros Sector. The darksiders then proceeded with the original plan of recruiting Fett.[9] The two confronted the bounty hunter, demanding him to provide his services for free. When the bounty hunter refused, Fass strangled him with a Force choke and threatened to reveal secret information about him. When the darksiders attempted to remove Fett's helmet, he blasted them away with wrist-mounted rockets,[2] almost killing Fass,[9] before retreating aboard his ship, the Slave I. However, Dark trooper team two reported that they had spotted the Falcon parked inside the workshop of mechanic Shug Ninx.[2]

Fass and Katth on the bridge of the Invincible

Fass and Katth proceeded toward the workshop, but their Force sense notified them about the presence of Vima-Da-Boda nearby. Remembering their orders to take out the woman, Fass ordered the dark trooper Grath to open fire on innocent bystanders with a turbocannon in hopes of killing the Jedi hiding among them. The elderly Jedi, however, managed to evade capture and was rescued by the Solos, who had also taken out dark trooper team two in the hangar. Arriving inside the hangar, Fass and Katth retrieved the bodies of their fallen troops and left a detachment of stormtroopers aboard the ship, before returning to the Invincible. However, the Solos returned to the Falcon with Vima-Da-Boda and took out the stormtroopers, taking the ship to escape from the moon. They were detected by Mako Spince, the overseer of the Traffic Control Spire and Solo's rival. Spince told Fass and Katth about the Falcon's location.[2]

Hoping to capture the ship, Katth ordered to activate the Star Destroyer's tractor beam[2] on full power, although Fass advised his companion against doing so.[9] Solo maneuvered the Falcon under the Traffic Control Spire, which was caught in the tractor beam instead, was ripped from the ground and flew toward the Invincible.[2] Realizing the danger, Katth ordered Fass to deactivate the tractor beam, but it was too late.[9] The spire pierced the Star Destroyer's engineering section, disabling its thrusters and making the ship fall into the surface of the planet, destroying both Fass and Katth and their crew.[2] Palpatine meanwhile was reborn in another clone body,[5] and the news of the death of his two best darksiders was not taken lightly by the Emperor,[4] although he did find replacements for them soon thereafter.[10]

Personality and traits[]

"Millennium Falcon on screens, Katth. They are almost in tractor range."
"Excellent. In moments, they'll be safely aboard our ship."
"And then we go after Boba Fett!"
"Patience, Baddon, patience."
"That bounty hunter almost killed me!"
―Fass and Katth, as they spot the Falcon[src]

Fass was an adept of the dark side, who did not stop at anything to achieve his objective. He did not care for the innocent bystanders on Nar Shaddaa, giving an order to open fire at the crowd in order to kill Vima-Da-Boda.[2] He took Fett's attack on him as a personal insult and was determined to get even with the bounty hunter, but was unable to do so.[9]

Powers and abilities[]

"KAK…should have guessed…dark side power—"
―Boba Fett, being Force-choked by Baddon Fass[src]

Fass was able to Force-choke, using it on Fett. He was able to sense the presence of Vima-Da-Boda on Nar Shaddaa.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Baddon Fass was slated to appear alongside the rest of Dark Side Elite in Tom Veitch's planned short novel Lightsider. However, the novel was cancelled, and the character was instead introduced in the 1995 comic book Dark Empire II 2 by Tom Veitch, Fass was also featured in the audio drama adaptation of the comics. While the original comic depicts Fass as issuing most of commands, the audio drama switches their roles and even the dialogue from the comic. The article ComicScan: Comics That Almost Were in Star Wars Galaxy Collector 4 also mistakenly identifies an image of Katth as Baddon Fass, and vice versa.

The first issue of the Dark Empire II comic series includes a scenes of Sedriss returning to Byss alongside four other members of Dark Side Elite. The comic does not explicitly identify whether Fass and Katth were among the group or if they were the ones absent.


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