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The Badi Dea was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer active during the Galactic Civil War.


It foiled the Sarsuma, a Rebel BFF-1 bulk freighter, in its attempt to steal grain during the food shortage following the evacuation from Yavin 4. Subsequently, the Star Destroyer also took part in investigating an attack on one of Overlord Ghorin's convoy, which was supposed to resupply the Empire with fresh grain, but was instead carrying tainted grain.

Later, when the Leafar began to challenge Imperial rule, a convoy belonging to the Leafar was ambushed at their hyperspace lane by the Badi Dea in hopes of pacifying them through fear. However, the ambush ultimately failed, as the ships were saved from destruction thanks to intervention by Rebel X-wings. Keyan Farlander piloted one of these ships.



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