Baela Tiwosh was a female Zabrak who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Shortly before the Galactic Empire's Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector, Tiwosh and two other Rebel operatives entered the sector but were unable to leave when the blockade began. Tiwosh was secretive about her true mission in the Anoat sector, and she was skillful at wielding blasters.[1]

During the blockade, Tiwosh joined the crew of a young smuggler, assisting them on various missions.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Baela Tiwosh was created for the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising, which was released by Kabam in 2015 for iOS and Android platforms.[2] In Uprising, Tiwosh is a Tier II Crew Member available through the Premium Crane.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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